Modernize Your Remote Workforce Management Strategies

May 4, 2021

Managing a remote workforce is the new normal. The reality that COVID-19 is changing the way we work can no longer be disputed.  We may have thought it would be temporary amid COVID-19, but what many administrators are realizing is it doesn’t really make sense to go back to the workplace strategies we practiced before the pandemic hit.

If you’d have asked 100 companies before COVID-19 if they would support their workforce working remotely, very few would’ve jumped onboard. However, given the abrupt and unexpected opportunity to learn just how effective a virtual workforce can be, many are choosing to remain remote and are encouraging their workforce to settle into this new normal.

Modernize Your Remote Workforce Management Strategies

Optimizing this new normal is made easier with the right software.

API Integration

Schedule360 integrates seamlessly with leading payroll and HR systems, saving you time as you simplify your scheduling process. Schedule360 uses ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) to securely transfer employee credentials, time-off, schedules, and punch data between our platform and third-party applications. We can create an integration to fit your unique staff scheduling needs, or you can choose one of our popular integrations for your Schedule360 interface.

24/7 Web-Based Access

The right software also gives your staff 24/7 real-time web-based access to their schedule with mobile login capabilities. Schedule360’s scheduling software solution can be set up to automate time consuming scheduling tasks, such as gap coverage reports that identify open shifts for backfill that can easily slip through the cracks with manual scheduling methods.

In addition, the ability to oversee shift assignments from a centralized hub across multiple locations and regions streamlines your remote workforce with ease as well as greatly reducing both time and resources spent on administrative tasks.

Internal Messaging

Our software solution comes equipped with a built-in internal messaging feature to ensure that your employees are able to effectively communicate and keep in frequent contact with each other and you at all times. This becomes especially helpful during an emergency. Internal messaging allows administrators to quickly communicate their scheduling needs to their staff. Messages are time stamped when read, letting administrators and schedulers know their message was received.

Policies and procedures simplified:

  • Time Off Requests

Managing time-off requests is transparent, easy, and fair with Schedule360 scheduling software.

  • Automated Scheduling

Scheduling automation frees up resources, improves employee efficiency, and reduces operational costs.

  • Shift Swapping

Save your schedulers loads of time by allowing employees to swap shifts with each other, all within a set of rules and guidelines set by schedulers.

  • Credential Tracking

Track and store employee credentials and licensure in easy to access employee profiles, ensuring that safe staffing levels are always occurring. Administrators can pre-set guidelines to prevent employees from signing up for shifts they aren’t qualified to work and automated alerts are sent to staff to remind them of any upcoming recertification renewals.

Implementation is super easy, too. We do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Transition with Ease

Our highly configurable software solution can be set up for virtually any type of business, regardless of size, and it doesn’t have to occur overnight either. There’s no pressure to feel like you must implement Schedule360 software into the entire facility. Start with one unit or facility and expand into other areas from there.

Plus, we offer a free configured demo so you can see exactly how our software will work with your current processes, much like taking a test drive before purchasing a new car.

Make Schedule360 Your New Normal

Effectively and easily address the challenges of managing your remote workforce with the implementation of employee scheduling software by Schedule360. We understand the unique needs that come with scheduling a workforce, even now. Contact us today to set up a configured demo for your administrators so you can see for yourself just how easy optimizing your staff can be with the right scheduling software.