Meeting the Demand for Vaccinations with Centralized Staff Scheduling

February 19, 2021

The current pandemic has presented many challenges-both anticipated and unanticipated-through every facet of the healthcare industry including urgent care clinics and pharmacies. We’re becoming increasingly aware that these professionals are continuously operating at the top of their credentials, and with the roll out of several vaccines, there’s no slow down in sight.

Meeting the Demand for Vaccinations with Centralized Staff Scheduling

Demand for vaccinations overall is skyrocketing in the United States. Obviously this is attributed to the current pandemic, but we’re also experiencing an uptick in all vaccinations. This is likely because the fear of contracting COVID-19 while fighting off another illness simultaneously is forcing people to obtain any and all vaccinations anywhere they can.

It’s not enough that we have the manpower to administer this unprecedented need. The need for a streamlined, organized, and user-friendly approach to managing the scheduling side of this is the quiet, yet complex issue that can make or break the process before it even starts. You need a robust, user-friendly solution to providing qualified coverage when and where you need it most.

  • How do you pull all hands on deck when not everyone is qualified to give shots?
  • How do you keep track of your staff credentials to determine who can fill shifts including vaccination administration and other supportive roles?
  • How do you keep track of all of the new hires, current staff, who is qualified, who needs renewed licensing, or who still needs more training or certification at any given time?
  • How do you oversee and staff vaccination events while still maintaining normal business operations during the busiest time of year for you?

You know you need a better way to oversee operations, and Schedule360 can help.

Staff Schedule Transparency

Provide complete schedule transparency by giving schedulers and employees the ability to view the schedule in one place, 24/7 from any mobile device with internet access.

Centralized Scheduling Across Multiple Locations

View your entire workforce with the click of a button. Schedulers have the ability to view scheduling by location, or at a regional level, which is ideal for healthcare facilities with multiple locations with additional onsite events that require qualified staffing.

Clearly Defined Shifts

View on-site and off-site staff scheduling with one click, clearly defining any and all shifts.

License and Credential Tracking

Credentials and licensure are easily tracked and stored in employee profiles, making sure that safe staffing levels are occurring on every shift.

Expiration Alerts

Send instant alerts to staff to inform them when skills that require recertification are within 60 days of expiration.

Automated Scheduling Tasks

Streamline your scheduling process by automating those time-consuming scheduling tasks, freeing up your schedulers and admins to reallocate their resources.

OT Thresholds and Alerts

Overtime thresholds and alerts are built into the system, allowing admins and staff to remain consistent when it comes to OT policies. Admin can set requirements for OT approval.

Rules-Based Shift Coverage

Give employees a sense of power over their own schedule with the ability to swap shifts based on credentials and other guidelines set by admins.

Internal Messaging

Ensure seamless and efficient communication with segmented messaging capabilities, allowing management to quickly relay critical information to staff in real-time, including hot shift coverage and urgent scheduling needs.

Configured Features

We build and apply only the features that fit your specific scheduling needs. Get only the features you want without having to sift through the ones you won’t ever use, and let us know what features could help you. If we don’t already have something that will work, we can build something to provide the specific solution you’re looking for.

Robust API Integration

Schedule360 works with your current workforce management strategies and can be connected with systems you already have in place to maximize data management and save time. We’re not here to overhaul your process. We’re able to seamlessly integrate products and processes that will work with what you’re already doing.

Easy Deployment

We’ve simplified the implementation process by taking on the heavy lifting of loading data for you. We can quickly deploy a scheduling solution to meet the needs of your facility and integrate features that solve the pain points in your current process. Configuring our software to what’s going to work best for you starts from day one, so deployment won’t take up too many of your resources to get things in place.

Ongoing Customer Support

Schedule360 is with you every step of the way from complete implementation, setup, and training to our excellent, ongoing customer and tech support 24/7.

Continuous New Features

Schedule360 offers continuous new feature roll outs based on customer feedback and needs.

We understand the scheduling challenges associated with the current times and that’s why we designed a software solution guaranteed to make your job a lot easier. Contact Schedule360 today for a customized demo of our award winning software.