Manage Shift Call-Offs with Proactive Automation

July 30, 2021

Managing shift call-offs can be a complicated process, especially if you’re still relying on outdated scheduling methods. Schedule360 offers a special call-off feature that comes in handy for all industries, including large healthcare facilities with multiple locations.

Healthcare admins sranding together with their arms crossed smiling.

This automated call-off feature allows employees to call-off shifts up to 7 days ahead, and is configurable to allow a different timeframe for call-offs, that meet your needs. Many clients prefer to set their call-off window for 48 hours ahead. Whenever an employee “calls off” online within the Schedule360 interface, the request is listed as “pending”. This can even be broken down further by market, region, district and geography with filters on all of them.

One Centralized Process

With a centralized process, you’re no longer having to handle call-offs in separate locations with different processes. It’s one consistent, straightforward, and easy-to-follow-process across the board. This feature also helps in managing call-offs for several locations across multiple regions and time zones.

Automated Approach

Our scheduling software solution provides a fast, automated approach to approving call-offs and re-assigning open shifts. Our software solution allows you to process call-offs in a streamlined way. Schedulers simply log in, oversee select regions, and process the call-offs systematically, so you can optimize your resources instead of further depleting them.

No Need to “Man the Phones”

This feature eliminates the need for a dedicated employee to have to “man the phones” and answer literally hundreds of phone calls per day from staff calling off for their upcoming shift. If you’re currently handling call-offs with phones, then you know all too well the drill of dozens or more calls beginning early in the morning that continue throughout the entire day and require multiple FTEs just to handle the call volume That’s a definite waste of resources.

While this new feature can be of benefit to many industries, it’s especially useful for large chain pharmacies because there’s no possible way to answer every single call. By streamlining your call-off process with this feature, your staff can quickly work through the pending list and handle each one accordingly.

Schedule360’s Call-Off Feature in Action

When the scheduler is processing the call-off, they have the option to:

  • Reopen the shift
  • Make it HOT (i.e. Critical Opening)
  • Dispatch it immediately to all Qualified and Available Staff
  • They can call the person off, auto email, take them off the shift and then determine whether or not they need to backfill the shift.
  • They can add notes with regard to what they are doing with the shift and if any additional steps are needed to address the now open shift. For example: they’re able to document if they pulled someone from a different location to cover this now open shift and can even select to give the traveler a shift differential for taking the shift at a different location. This provides your employees with a sense of appreciation as they’ll feel further incentivized.

Why Choose Schedule360?

It’s no secret that the issues related to staff scheduling are challenging. Schedule360 provides an easy-to-use, cost effective solution that’s configurable to meet the unique schedule-management needs of nearly any type of business organization, no matter the size or industry. While our robust software solution is utilized by hundreds of businesses across the country, we still take the time to configure the system it for each individual client. Contact Schedule360 today to schedule a personalized demo to see exactly how our software solution can work for you.