Leveraging Technology to Meet Current Healthcare Staffing Demands

November 29, 2021

Many of the lessons learned during the pandemic have been permanently adopted to help healthcare facilities develop a more strategic approach to staffing problems, including understaffing challenges. Things in healthcare aren’t slowing down anytime soon, especially as we head into cold and flu season. COVID-19 is still here too, so it’s crucial to harness the power of technology to optimize your staff and make managing your staff schedule easier.

Senior healthcare worker checking staff schedules on a tablet.

Credential Tracking

Ensure compliance for your Staff by tracking and storing credentials and licensure in easy to access employee profiles. Skills requiring recertification are tracked from the expiration date and the system alerts the employee 60 days prior to expiration, via an automated reminder. Credential Tracking also prevents employees with expired credentials or licensure from self-scheduling or swapping shifts. By always having up-to-date credentials and licensure, you can optimize qualified staff to balance shifts at all times, resulting in a higher standard of quality patient care.


Allow rules-based self-scheduling with set guidelines. After you release shifts for the upcoming schedule and immediately lock down set schedule shifts, any remaining shifts can then be made available to employees via self-scheduling. Management retains control and defines the rules for self-scheduling through yes/no setup, with the ability to easily manage features via on/off configuration for the entire department or by employee. Self-scheduling provides employees flexibility while still ensuring individual work targets are met and safe staffing levels are occurring. Automating your scheduling tasks also leaves more time to better utilize your scheduler’s resources elsewhere.

Shift Swapping

Using our rule-based self-scheduling software we provide shift swapping with matched credentials only. Employees can pick up extra shifts, request time-off, swap shifts, and more, all within the rules and guidelines set forth by management. Boost staff morale by giving your employees the flexibility to handle their own shift trades while experiencing less call-offs and optimized shift coverage.

Schedule Transparency

As a premiere cloud-based scheduling program, Schedule360 provides employees with 24/7 access to their schedule from any device with internet access. Schedulers can view schedules all in one place which allows them to better optimize under-utilized staff like PRN employees. Schedule transparency reduces the occurrence of missed shifts, as employees can view their schedules anytime and receive instant alerts in real-time should their schedule change.

Automate Tasks

Automation significantly helps to streamline and simplify any scheduling related tasks, including overtime monitoring and tracking compliance. Achieve operational efficiency without draining your resources by automating what’s normally a time-consuming task. Save time with employee shift swaps, self-scheduling, credential tracking, time off requests and more.

Centralized Call-Off Management

Our unique call-off feature allows up to 48 hours ahead to call off. Whenever an employee calls off through Schedule360 software, it then becomes listed as pending. This can be broken down by region. For large chain facilities, like pharmacies, there are so many call-offs per day, there is no possible way for staff to answer every call. This feature allows employees to enter a call-off and have it listed as pending until the scheduler can review and process the call-off. Free up your staff by not having to “man the phones” to deal with call-offs.

Shift Forecasting and Optimization

Thanks to employee scheduling software, the ability to forecast shifts is simple with the use of real-time reporting. Integrated data compiling allows for one-click management of employee compliance to work targets. It’s much easier to manage the staff schedule when you can oversee multiple locations.

By utilizing available resources,  you can reduce dependency on more expensive supplemental agency and travelers. Scheduling software can uncover daily, weekly, and shift level patterns in patient flow through certain units so providers are better able to forecast demands.

Last-Minute Schedule Management

The right scheduling software enables last-minute critical scheduling needs to be dispatched to all available (not working), qualified staff to ensure optimal coverage for urgent scheduling needs. Through the software messaging system, you can choose to send messages to all employees, employees who haven’t met work targets, employees who are available, or even employees who are currently working right now.

Easy Implementation

Implementation is a breeze with nothing to download or install. We set up a stress-free process by assigning a dedicated Schedule360 representative to work closely with you to get an understanding of what your unique scheduling needs are. We also provide expert consultation and guidance, coordinating your setup with our IT team, training department and account administration. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Scheduling Technologies that Deliver

Schedule360’s advanced healthcare staff scheduling software is the perfect solution to even the most cumbersome scheduling pain points. A system that allows employees the ability to optimize their respective schedules for increased work opportunities provides a higher level of employee satisfaction, and increased workplace morale. Schedulers can achieve safe staffing based on employee credentials and skills, as they have the information needed to match credentials and skills to the actual patient flow for better shift optimization.

Schedule360 provides an integrated scheduling solution that can adapt to meet the real-time demands of a changing healthcare structure. We Know Scheduling™. Contact Schedule360 for a personalized demo of our award-winning scheduling software.