Keep Internal Communications Clear with Responsive Messaging

June 15, 2021

Being able to communicate with your staff is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a necessity for any business. Handling the unique demands of your scheduling processes simply isn’t enough anymore. As more employees are remote and unavailable for face-to-face communications, the right scheduling software can forge a path for clear and transparent communication between your staff and administrators.

Business woman sitting at her desk in front of a computer.

Make Announcements

Messages sent through our internal platform have read notifications so you can be assured with absolutely certainty that each staff member has read the important information you sent out. With the ability to segment your messaging you can avoid message overload by sending important information to only those who need it, and not to everyone on staff. You may have an urgent need that only applies to those currently working, or maybe you need to send something out that is only relevant to staff who aren’t working but are available to come in. There are times when a message is intended for all employees, and other times when just a selection of staff need to be reached. Either way, we’ve made this an easy task to manage, and even small burdens lifted from your schedulers shoulders will be well received.

Helpful in Emergency Situations

Responsive messaging can also be used in case of an emergency to alert staff to potential security threats and closures without broadcasting concerns through a PA system.

Interpersonal Messaging

With the interpersonal messaging feature, it’s possible to communicate with just one or more staff members and keep it transparent and on the platform.

Notifications to Pick Up Open Shifts

Our software allows for any open or last-minute shift needs to be immediately dispatched to all qualified and available employees.

Swap Shifts

Take paper out of the equation and have employees swap shifts through the platform and have managers approve easily.


Use Schedule360’s survey feature to ask your staff questions about their health, vacation requests, track their availability, and more.


Notify people of training modules, new procedures, and continuing education through the Schedule360 interface.

Ease of Implementation

Schedule360 is a secure cloud-based employee scheduling software meaning there is nothing to download or install. This helps make account setup a quick, easy, and stress-free process for you and your staff.  Our implementation process is designed to get you up and running fast with a scheduling software solution that is configured just for you. We assign a Schedule360 representative to work closely with you to analyze your unique scheduling needs, provide expert consultation, and coordinate your setup with our IT team, training department, and account administration.

When it comes to implementation, we do all of the heavy lifting for you. Our goal is to remove the scheduling burdens, so we promise not to replace one burden with another by leaving you to navigate the implementation and setup process alone.

Online Training and Customer Service

Schedule360 includes online training that is tailored to your specific goals and final setups to make it meaningful and helpful to your organization. Training tutorials are accessible on our website and of course if you ever have any questions or concerns, our outstanding customer support team is available to you live, 24/7. We pride ourselves on providing superb service to our customers. Should your scheduling needs change in the future, we can help with that too as we are not a one and done provider. Features can be added or removed at any time based on your unique scheduling needs.

Bottom Line

Recent events have changed the way employees communicate and collaborate, and while it may not have been all that long ago when businesses looked at internal communication software as a luxury, today it’s deemed an essential tool for overall success.

If you’re still struggling to connect and engage with your employees, maybe it’s time to eliminate the common communication pitfalls once and for all by implementing a responsive messaging system, which comes equipped and ready to go in any of Schedule360’s highly customizable  software solutions. Rethink your approach to internal communication and scheduling with a solution that really works. Contact Schedule360 for a customized demo to see for yourself how a simple staff scheduling software can change the way you do business for the better.