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Schedule360 Integrations

Employee scheduling software should work FOR you, not make your life harder.

Incorporate data from Schedule360, or import your employee data from another platform. Schedule360 makes it easy to organize and provide clarity over your workforce.

Schedule360 Seamless Integrations

Using the json:api, Schedule360 users can experience the power of Schedule360’s robust platform and exchange data with other software applications. We can create an integration for your unique purposes or choose one of our popular integrations for your Schedule360 interface.

Popular Integrations

Schedule360 seamlessly integrates with leading Payroll and HR Systems to save you time and simplify your scheduling process. Schedule360 uses ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) to efficiently and securely transfer staff credentials, time off, schedule, and punch data between our application and third-party applications.

Common Data Sets to Integrate

We are able to take the information you already have within your outside platforms and integrate it into Schedule360, and give you transparency over your data.

  • Staff Data Employee onboarding, training, updates, additions, and deletions.
  • Scheduling and Payroll Seamless reports for your payroll and scheduling.
  • Vacation/Time Off  Capture your vacation and time off requests inside the scheduling platform, prevent the need for duplicate entries.
  • Credential Data Keep track of credentials and licensure by employee and shift type. Provide transparency for scheduling rules. Get expiration reminders and schedule trainings, or classes.

Praise For Schedule360

“The Schedule360 team has been extremely responsive to our requests. They fully deliver on every aspect of developing the system to meet our ever-changing needs for schedule management.”

Beth Cumbie, Director of Nursing, Presbyterian Healthcare

Integration Benefits

Schedule360 allows your scheduling process to become fueled with the data and integrations to make your scheduling process simpler.

  • Reporting API data seamlessly integrates the information you need for reporting.
  • Optimize Workforce Better oversight for labor management and reduce your overtime potential.
  • Avoid Duplication Capture your vacation and time off requests inside the scheduling platform, prevent the need for duplicate entries.

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