How To Create The Best Pharmacy Schedule

October 30, 2019

How To Create The Best Pharmacy Schedule

Running an efficient pharmacy requires effective scheduling capabilities. You’ll need to schedule store staff, floats, technicians, and pharmacists. Creating a pharmacy schedule can be easier said than done if you don’t have the right scheduling software. You’ll want to make sure there are no holes in your pharmacy schedule and that you meet everybody’s scheduling needs, all while ensuring the schedule is fair and balanced.

Here are a few tips on how to create the best pharmacy schedule:

1. Give Employees the Chance to Exchange Shifts

It’s a good practice to put out the schedule as far ahead of time as you can so your employees have the opportunity to look it over and decide if they’d like to exchange any of their scheduled shifts with others.

Using a scheduling software that allows staff to put their shifts up for grabs makes it easier for them to cover their own shifts, thereby making scheduling less of a hassle for you. With Schedule360, set schedules can be created and changed by the store manager, all while aligning with the scheduler.

2. Explain Scheduling Decisions

If you change the schedule and it results in an employee isn’t working at their normal “home” pharmacy, be sure to explain why you’re doing this. Employees need to understand your scheduling decisions if they are out of the norm, so they don’t grow resentful.

3. Match Up Your Staff Geographically

If your pharmacy has multiple locations within a close distance of each other, it’s ideal to do your best to schedule employees for locations they are closest to. Scheduling software makes this easy to keep track of by giving you a view of the big picture in real-time, all in one place.

4. Optimize Floats

Make sure that everyone is optimized for the hours that they need to work before you make shifts available for overtime as you manage shift exchanges. Floats establish an agreement upon employment to going to any store in their qualified areas. Scheduling software can allow floats to post their preferred day off, and in turn that request can easily be accommodated, as long as it meets the needs of the pharmacy. Being able to see all of this information together in one place that is accessible from anywhere is a huge benefit to the store managers and schedulers alike.

5. Use an Online Scheduling Software

An online scheduling software like Schedule360 can make things much easier for you. It means that your employees will be able to access their schedule without having to request a copy. It will be easier for them to track their hours and know when they’re scheduled. Additionally, they will be able to post and exchange shifts, thereby helping streamline the scheduling process.

Further advantages to using our software include no more dark stores, annual vacation management and ongoing time-off management, optimization of your staff, transparency and messaging. Schedulers are typically organized, but the implementation of our scheduling software makes them incredibly organized and streamlines communication between schedulers, DPMs, and stores.

6. Unique Scheduling Challenges

Scheduling for pharmacies brings unique challenges to the table, and we’ve answered those challenges with user-friendly solutions. Schedule360 gives you the ability to post extra float shifts or overlap shifts so store staff can claim these during low vacation time periods. Doing so allows store staff to take days off via personal days (productive hours) verses nonproductive hours by using a float during low vacation times as an overlap since you don’t technically have shifts for them, but they are salary.

Use these tips to create the best pharmacy schedule. Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software is utilized by hundreds of pharmacies across the US. Our online scheduling software is uniquely configured for each client. Our rules-based scheduling help pharmacy schedulers see at a glance any holes in the schedule that need to be filled. For more information about implementing our online scheduling software for your pharmacy, contact us at Schedule360 today.