How Nurse Self Scheduling Can Be Set Up to Benefit Healthcare Facilities

February 25, 2022

For facilities that haven’t utilized a robust nurse scheduling software yet, allowing their nursing staff to self-schedule may seem out of reach, or more trouble than it’s worth. The implementation process can feel overwhelming and intimidating, not to mention assigning who’s going to monitor the schedule to oversee self-scheduled shifts, compare it to overtime thresholds, work targets, and ensure there’s enough coverage. It may feel like you need to hire an influx of staff just to oversee the software, but that’s a myth keeping you trapped in a frustrating, disorderly scheduling predicament that simply doesn’t work.

Medical healthcare facility team standing in a healthcare facility.

Better Time Management for Managers

Nurse scheduling can be a time-consuming process for schedulers tasked with creating and monitoring the schedule on their own. Schedule360 nurse scheduling software reduces the amount of time spent on staff scheduling, freeing up management to focus on more important matters.

Rules-Based Self-Scheduling

Self-scheduling for nurses allows employees to search and accept shifts within their licensure and qualifications from any internet connected device. After shifts are released for the upcoming schedule and immediate booking of set scheduled shifts, any remaining open shifts are then available for self-scheduling by qualified staff. Schedule360 also allows employees to swap shifts within the rules you establish. Management sets the guidelines and any feature can be turned on or off depending on your processes.

Self-scheduling allows nurses to work the shifts that best fit their personal needs and preferences, creating a better work-life balance and significantly reducing hot shifts in your unit.

Web-Based for Transparency

As a premier cloud-based program, we provide complete schedule transparency and accountability with 24/7 real-time access and updates. Web-based staff scheduling solutions provide a much easier way to adjust schedules based on real-time staffing needs.

Centralized scheduling allows viewing of your entire workforce in just a few clicks. Schedulers can view by location or at a regional level, ideal for large facilities with multiple locations. You need a software solution that’s capable of keeping track of employee credentialing across multiple regions and locations. Our software is updated in real-time and available to employees 24/7. Schedule360 makes it easy to create and manage a schedule remotely because you’ll have access to the scheduling data anytime, anywhere.

Credential Tracking

Manual scheduling methods fail to provide a standardized way to keep track of employee credentials, so shifts are easily unbalanced in skill sets. This can lead to low quality patient care, and your high-level nurses trying to bridge the gaps. It’s frustrating to work without a standard process for balancing shifts based on credentials. Nurses can feel overworked, overwhelmed, and lacking the support they need to do their jobs well. Easily eliminate unbalanced shifts with our credential tracking feature, ensuring that only those employees with the proper qualifications are filling and being scheduled to cover your open shifts.

Shift Reminders and OT Threshold Alerts

Automated reminders and alerts are invaluable to the success of your unit. Ensure that your staff never misses a shift they pick up by setting up automated reminder messaging for shift swaps and self-scheduled shifts.

Setting OT threshold alerts will keep your bottom line in check. With nurse scheduling software, overtime alerts for self-scheduled shifts are built into the system, so nurses can request to work overtime shifts, while admin can override the set alert and approve the OT request or deny the request.

Configurable Reporting

Schedule360’s dashboard provides a quick and concise overview of your schedule and report status. Configurable reports allow management and schedulers to view scheduling data at an enterprise, group, facility, and unit levels; and export in a variety of different ways. Real-time reporting provides accurate forecasting for proactive scheduling.

Easy Implementation Process

We understand the decision to implement a new scheduling software right now is overwhelming, and even though it may help you manage your workforce more efficiently, getting through the process is intimidating. Schedule360’s stress-free implementation process is designed to get you set up with a scheduling software solution that’s configured to fit your needs immediately, and we do all the heavy lifting for you. The last thing we want to do is create more disruption in your workplace, so we help with implementation, training, data entry, and we provide a configured demo upfront, allowing you to roll out the system on your own terms, as fast or slow as you need to.

Why Choose Schedule360?

Nursing managers need a scheduling solution that’s transparent and easily displays everything in one convenient location. They also need a scheduling solution that’s readily available 24/7 to all employees and administrators. Schedule360’s nurse scheduling software is designed to give your nursing staff more control over their respective schedules, while still retaining accountability and oversight to ensure department staffing needs are met. We know scheduling, and we’ve developed a true solution to your common nurse scheduling pain points. Contact Schedule360 today for a configured demo of our nurse scheduling software to see how we can streamline and simplify your entire scheduling process.