COVID-19: Healthcare Scheduling Software Streamlines Staff Scheduling

May 22, 2020

Nurse managers looking at a tablet.

In times of uncertainty, it’s always nice to have something we can count on to make things a little easier to process. Schedule360 wants to help make your units and facilities run more efficiently through this difficult time. It’s more important now than ever before that you have a scheduling solution that includes automations so you can spend less time on scheduling and more time assisting others where you are needed most in your unit.

With healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360, you can delegate your resources where they will be most productive.


The ability to communicate scheduling needs quickly and effectively is always important, but in times of a pandemic, it can be crucial. Schedule360 software includes enhanced messaging features which allow you to stay connected with your staff at all times, especially during an emergency or crisis. Connect with staff by sending out important reminders, such as information about any new or developing protocols for working during COVID-19.

Census Management Tracking and Staff Requesting

In times like these, it’s imperative that healthcare organizations have quick and easy access to vital information, such as keeping track of which resources are available at any given moment. This includes provider and staff availability and which set of skills and qualifications they possess, so they can be quickly matched up and disbursed to facilities where there is a great demand for their services.

Time-Off Request Management

Utilizing the time-off feature allows your healthcare organization to support staff who are sick or experiencing symptoms without having to sift through multiple calls, texts, or emails. Staff members can easily submit their time-off requests from any mobile device and keep admins updated and informed of their condition and future availability.

Shift Swapping

Shift swapping allows staff to easily swap shifts between themselves to minimize disruptions or gaps in the schedule, while management still defines the rules. These features can be turned on or off for the entire unit, by department, or for individual employees.

Shift Reminders for Swapping or Picking Up Open Shifts

Send out reminders to employees of any changes to their schedule. Reminders can be for shift swaps or for available shifts employees picked up, eliminating common miscommunication resulting in possible gaps in coverage. Messages are time-stamped and confirmed when read, so admins can feel confident knowing that staff members are kept informed at all times.

Schedule Updates

While you’re likely already communicating with your team, it’s especially important in times like this to provide your team with ongoing updates about the rapidly changing situation. While this may have been a time-consuming process in the past, with healthcare scheduling software like Schedule360, updating schedules is easy and everyone has 24/7 access to changes.

For the healthcare organizations who are navigating new scheduling or communication challenges because of COVID-19, Schedule360 is here for you. We understand the unique challenges you face and we have solutions. We are committed to helping in whatever way we can. Contact us today for a virtual meeting and customized demo of our robust and highly configurable scheduling software.

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