Hospitals Struggle with Staff Scheduling Due to Ineffective Methods

December 18, 2019

Hospitals Struggle with Staff Scheduling Due to Ineffective Methods

Staff scheduling continues to be a widespread challenge in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Despite the growing difficulties, some units are still resorting to outdated scheduling methods.

To try and get a better understanding as to why healthcare scheduling continues to be a challenge, Avantas conducted an investigational survey. The results confirmed that the most common problems included understaffing, last-minute schedule changes, assignment of non-nursing related tasks, and an imbalance of experienced and specialty staff.

While three quarters of healthcare staffing managers said they had major concerns when it came to staff morale, patient satisfaction, and the effect on quality of care, more than 80% of nurse managers were not even aware of technology based software scheduling solutions which could easily help them manage and solve all of their biggest scheduling challenges.

Fear of the Unknown

While some facilities are completely in the dark regarding healthcare scheduling software, some organizations are well aware that such technologies existed, but are hesitant to give it a chance, as they have concerns it will be too complicated for them to use. Then there are those who already took the plunge and purchased scheduling software but found that it wasn’t configurable enough to suit their specific scheduling needs, either by lacking certain desired features, or the complete opposite issue-they are loaded with unnecessary features that will never get used.

You Need a Better, More Configurable Method

Unlike some of their competitors, healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360 is highly configurable to fit the exact needs and demands of their clients and can be set up for virtually any type of business, including hospitals and healthcare organizations. This cloud-based application allows companies to easily solve some of the most common scheduling challenges, including understaffing and overstaffing, last-minute schedule changes or openings, float schedules, shift swaps, credential tracking, time-off requests, communication mishaps, and more.

As a secure cloud-based solution, Schedule360’s healthcare scheduling software allows hospitals to tackle one of their greatest challenges, which is a constant balancing act of trying to match an employee’s availability to the specific requirements of multiple shift openings. This cannot be done effectively with pen and paper anymore, and even excel simply won’t cut it these days. As these outdated, manual scheduling methods lead to a never-ending trail of spreadsheets, unread emails, unanswered voice mails, and critical shifts left unfilled. These are the kind of problems leading to employee burnout and lack of morale, and even worse, a decrease in the quality of patient care.

Schedule in Real-Time

Healthcare scheduling software supports real-time, online scheduling and communication with your float pool staff, 24/7. Even better, scheduling managers have float scheduling information at their fingertips, allowing them to always know the qualifications, credentials, and availability of each employee. They can fill shifts quickly and correctly, while ensuring that only those employees who meet the required certifications and skills are the ones filling the shifts.

Optimize Your Staff

Another bonus to healthcare scheduling software is the ability for employees to check their schedules and update their availability from a mobile device or online, as well as send messages in real-time. This drastically streamlines communication between employees and management, as well as identify any potential gaps in shift coverage. With healthcare scheduling software, common problems that resulted from outdated pen and paper methods, such as embarrassing double-booking situations, are eliminated.

While scheduling issues may have plagued hospitals and healthcare facilities in the past, that is no longer the case. Healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360 takes the headache out of creating schedules for your staff. Contact us today for a customized demo of our robust scheduling software solution and see for yourself what a difference we can make!