Healthcare Workforce Management Strategies to Increase Productivity

July 21, 2020

Balance hospital staffing with healthcare scheduling software. Deploy your nurses and providers where you need them and organize your scheduling.

Healthcare staff standing in a hospital.

Finding a balance in the healthcare industry can be a challenge. Anytime the demand falls, several units are affected. When spreadsheets are used for scheduling, reaction time is delayed, limiting the ability to make staffing adjustments promptly and efficiently. In the absence of real-time data, calculating productivity rates and modifying staffing levels doesn’t come easy and by then it’s too late to make a positive impact on the bottom line.

With the implementation of a web-based system, administrators can see at a glance what is happening throughout the facility and adjust staffing levels to align with real-time needs.

Core Staffing Model

Core staffing models can reduce overtime if used properly. Many healthcare organizations focus on what core staffing numbers should be in terms of finances, rather than use historical volume fluctuations to predict on average what is needed to adequately staff their units. This can lead to increased costs from over-scheduling by spending more on under-utilized staff. Using healthcare workforce management software can help reduce both overtime and the underutilization of credentials and skills.

Efficiently Rotate Staff

With the implementation of a web-based system, staff is efficiently rotated throughout various units. Workforce management software puts real-time data at the scheduling manager’s fingertips, so schedulers always know the availability of qualified staff. Save and adhere to what the staff scheduling preferences are for particular days, shifts and units, as well as ensure that regulatory and compliance requirements are being met. With the implementation of scheduling software, staff scheduling can become a relatively stress free and seamless process for everyone.

Hospitals Match Supply with Demand

In order to safely and effectively staff a facility or unit, it’s crucial to ensure that only the right staff members with the right skill sets are being sent to where they need to be. Workforce management software allows hospital staffing demands to be met, giving you a better view of your needs. Whether there are multiple shifts that employees need to cover in a certain scheduling cycle, scheduling software provides all of the useful scheduling tools you need to cover a multitude of shifts on a daily basis while still adhering to the rules and expectations of management, as well as ensuring the needs of your staff members are met.

Decrease Labor Costs

Healthcare workforce management software significantly decreases labor costs by reducing the amount of time spent on creating and maintaining shift scheduling, plus it also helps by reducing employment turnover. When staff members feel a greater sense of satisfaction over their scheduling preferences, they’re likely to feel less stress, thus reducing the instances of burnout and turnover. Less burnout and turnover mean less money spent on recruiting, agency costs, and training new hires.

Quick summary of the many benefits of using healthcare scheduling software:

· Optimization and automation of staff scheduling

Automation significantly helps to streamline and simplify any and all scheduling related tasks, such as overtime monitoring and tracking compliance.

· Improved communication

Scheduling software alleviates common communication problems using a secure message board platform in place to clearly and efficiently communicate schedule changes, approved time off requests, floating schedule alerts, shift reminders, and more.

· Increased staff morale

Boost your staff’s morale by giving them a greater sense of freedom, flexibility and control over their own scheduling needs.

· Reduced labor costs

Easily reduce labor costs due to overtime, agency costs, staff turnover, and more.

The needs and demands associated with workforce scheduling have advanced far beyond the capabilities of a spreadsheet and paper-based system. If you’re ready to get more from your workforce management strategy, Schedule360 can help. Contact us today for a configured demo to see exactly how Schedule360 will work for you.