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Healthcare Scheduling Software Solutions

Changing dynamics in delivering patient care has significantly increased the volume of patients seeking treatment at Outpatient, In-Patient, and Urgent Care Clinics. Urgent Care Clinic new construction and expansion is happening in record numbers to keep up with patient demand. These fast-paced healthcare practices and organizations are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to scheduling. Fluctuating patient volumes can make it a challenge to properly fill shifts with qualified and available staff.

Schedule360’s suite of healthcare scheduling software solutions is designed to streamline and automate the process of clinical staff scheduling for in-patient, outpatient, and urgent care clinics.

How can I improve my scheduling process?

Your healthcare employee scheduling is complicated. Ditch your excel spreadsheets and constant calls to “check the schedule.” It’s time to make the move to rules-based healthcare scheduling software.

What is the best scheduling software?

The best healthcare scheduling software is one that fits your needs. You need features like rules-based scheduling, payroll compiling, messaging and a way to communicate critical shifts to your employees. Schedule360’s healthcare scheduling software offers all that and more.

How much does healthcare scheduling software cost?

“Free” scheduling programs might not cost money but cost their fare share in terms of time, and headaches. Those paid or bundled “one size fits all” solutions, don’t cut it for your scheduling needs. Find scalability, function, and the data you need, at a surprisingly affordable price, with Schedule360.

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In the healthcare field, there are a wide variety of outpatient practice settings for providers and clinical staff, such as:

  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Stand-Alone Surgical Centers
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Pharmacy Clinics
  • Emergency Departments

For the staff scheduler, it can become nothing short of a nightmare, attempting to consistently achieve the perfect balance of qualified employees. Especially when needing to fill last-minute gaps in coverage. You don’t want to cause burnout and unhappiness to your staff, but you need to ensure that the healthcare needs of your clinic are met.

Excel sheets and group calendars aren’t getting it done. You need a scheduling solution that takes into account your unique needs. A solution that can capture time off requests and keep track of credentialing across multiple locations and regions. Something that’s always updated and available 24/7 for your staff.

You need a more effective method to create your schedule that physicians, providers, and clinical staff can get on board with. Something simple and easy for them to use, where they can access their schedule anytime, but robust enough to manage rules that you set in place.

You need healthcare scheduling software.

Transparent Communication

Managing an outpatient or ambulatory clinic differs from those of traditional healthcare facilities and requires a certain set of skills to ensure that your schedule is organized and transparent for communicating all of the staffing needs of your clinic.

With a proper messaging system in place, the scheduler is able to communicate by group or to a specific individual quickly and effectively. With time-stamped notifications, managers are able to know with absolute certainty whether the message has been read or not. This eliminates the awkward conflict of when an employee claims that they never received the message.

With messaging capabilities, you can easily post general clinic announcements to the group message board for scheduling changes related to inclement weather, holiday hours, in-service dates, and other training. You can see at a glance who has read the message, and who hasn’t.

Custom Staff Scheduling Software

Your clinic is unique to you. The priorities of Urgent Care differ from those of a surgery center or cancer center. Your scheduling software should work for you, not against you. Working with online cloud-based scheduling software will help you overcome some of the hurdles and challenges that you face trying to use free options like google sheets and One Drive.

  • Create rules that work for you.
  • View all of your available labor management options.
  • Optimize your workforce and ensure they are working their required hours before offering an incentive or SNAP pay to your staff.
  • Track staff qualifications and ensure that only qualified staff match to open shifts.

Healthcare organizations can get real-time updates for labor force data and run reports, helping you keep your overtime in check. By offering your employees an online schedule, you eliminate the need for consistent schedule reminders and give your staff ownership of their own schedule.

Smarter Healthcare Scheduling Software

You need powerful tools with a simple easy to use interface. See how Schedule360 can reduce the time you spend on your schedule.

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Centralized Scheduling Made Easy

Imagine being able to view your entire workforce with the click of a button. Schedulers have the ability to see by location, or at a regional level, which is a plus for healthcare facilities with multiple locations to staff.

Centralized scheduling platforms save time and reduce confusion. This is especially important when you’re dealing with a fast-paced environment where provider schedules are constantly changing, clinics close, operating rooms change, and physicians swap shifts.

This is why having access to real-time accurate schedules is essential.

Medical staff scheduling software helps you to standardize how the schedule is made across the board, across all locations or by staff type. This provides fairness to everyone, as outdated scheduling processes can lead to many complications like staff burnout and resentment over feeling they aren’t getting the optimal schedule they desire or deserve. As medical organizations continue to grow, it becomes that much more important to standardize practices and methods to limit confusion, and in turn, increase the quality of patient care.

Another benefit to healthcare scheduling software is the ability to schedule much farther in advance than traditional and outdated spreadsheet methods which may only show 30 day time periods. Completing schedules early will help reduce tension and stress. It also saves valuable time down the road when you’re filling shifts and fixing scheduling conflicts created by last-minute schedule postings.

Scheduling in advance gives healthcare workers the time they need to better balance their personal and work lives. This helps to reduce absences and extra time off requests by providing employees more time to swap shifts. With medical staff scheduling software, you can prepare schedules six weeks out or build a timetable configurable to your unique scheduling period.

“If you have a keen, smart money-minded CFO. These are tools that you can give to your C-suite to be able to know you’re doing your job properly, so they can do their job. To make the best decisions for growth.”

Leonard Googelman

Leonard Goodelman

Director of Provider Resources, CRH Healthcare

Features to Look for In Medical Staff Scheduling Software

Medical workers are the backbone of any successful health system, whether it’s nurses, pharmacists, physicians, advanced providers, medical assistants, nursing assistants, and office staff.

Let’s face it, we need them all!

Without them, we’d be totally lost.

That’s why it’s so important to keep a healthy work/life balance so that they can do their job as effectively as possible. By using healthcare staff scheduling software, you can keep all of your schedules in one place.

Healthcare workers have a tough job, so you need a scheduling solution that’s easy and simple for employees to use. Yet, robust enough to be configured for the rules schedulers need to stay organized and transparent.

Here are some key features to look for:

24/7 Mobile Schedule

Gone are the days of pen and paper schedules or outdated and cumbersome spreadsheets. Instead, imagine a cloud-based, healthcare scheduling software that offers 24/7 mobile access. Medical workers can view their schedules on any device with Internet access, allowing them to proactively manage schedules and make adjustments on the go. A 24/7 mobile schedule enables managers to communicate with employees in real-time using the latest web and mobile technologies. This is a vast improvement over the days of employees constantly needing to call the office to check the schedule.

Advanced Reporting and Payroll Compiling

Save yourself loads of valuable time and frustration with scheduling software includes advanced reporting tools and easy payroll compiling. With medical staff scheduling software, everything is in one convenient place on a dashboard, which will help you email and print reports, as well as other pertinent staffing information. Healthcare scheduling software can also help you more easily and effectively compile information for payroll at the end of a pay period.

Integrated Messaging

One of the best features in healthcare scheduling software is integrated messaging. Rather than sending a string of emails, managers can instantly send messages to employees. Messages like time-off request approvals or a change to their schedule are sent automatically from the system to save the manager time. Schedulers can also post globally to the message board when any upcoming training or recertification is necessary. Hot shift messages can also be sent out for any last-minute shifts that need to be covered to only those employees with the proper credentials and qualifications to fill those shifts.

Employee Shift Swaps

Allowing healthcare employees to swap shifts is always a good idea, but sometimes issues can arise. Medical staff scheduling software can eliminate these potential issues by allowing managers to track employee shift swaps within the parameters they set. This can help to avoid other issues as well, such as confusion, uncovered shifts, and excessive overtime. This can make shift scheduling easier for the central scheduler as these shifts can populate on your schedule with minimal oversight.

Configured Shift Matching

Your clinical staff can wear many hats and can be assigned different roles within your schedule. Schedule360 helps you keep track of the qualifications a person needs to be assigned a shift. We also offer a secondary role type for healthcare staff able to work in multiple roles within your organization. For instance, you may have a medical or nursing assistant fill in for a reception desk role. However, a receptionist can not fill in as a medical assistant.

With Schedule360, you are alerted and not able to schedule someone into a shift who is not qualified to work it.

Who We Work With

Schedule360 is the most configurable scheduling software on the market. We offer a robust solution to your scheduling challenges regardless of the size of your clinic. Giving you the scalability your organization needs to meet the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

We have a long list of satisfied customers who enjoy the optional features our healthcare scheduling software offers. We give you the ability to include the features you want and leave out the ones you don’t.

National Clients

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • CVS Minute Clinic
  • Albertson’s Safeway
  • Target
  • Veteran’s Affairs Hospitals and Clinics
  • Reva International Air Ambulance

Regional Clients

  • Aurora Health Care
  • Physician Immediate Care
  • FastMed
  • Tabitha Health System
  • CRH Health Care
  • InterMountain Health

Local Clients

  • Nova Health
  • Mt. Olivet Homes
  • Tabitha Health
  • Fulton County Health Care

Healthcare Systems Clinics

  • Northside Gwinnett Health Systems
  • Blanchard Valley Healthcare
  • ProMedica Health System
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • University of Michigan Health System
  • Huntsville Health System

5 Key Benefits of Using Employee Scheduling Software

Optimized Employee Scheduling

Optimized employee scheduling ensures you always have the proper balance when scheduling staff coverage in a fast-paced, quickly changing clinic environment, providing a higher level of patient safety and satisfaction.

Multi-Facility Staff Sharing

With multi-facility staff sharing, you can easily schedule, share, and move staff across multiple facilities. Set up float pool scheduling within your scheduling software to allocate staff where they are needed most.

Real-Time Mobile Communication

With real-time mobile communication, you can send scheduling requests or changes to employees in real-time via text message or email, complete with timestamps, which should drastically reduce occurrences of miscommunications.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Empowering your employees by allowing them to swap shifts or request PTO all within a 24/7 accessible cloud-based platform. Your employees are given a sense of control over their schedules, while still having necessary guidelines and rules in place to make sure that shifts are filled and overtime is kept to a minimum.

Improved Labor Tracking and Advanced Reporting Tools

With labor tracking analytics with advanced reporting tools, managers can monitor schedules and keep track of labor costs in real-time for proactive labor management. These executive summaries provide valuable insight on not only labor costs and schedules, but also on things like calendar reports, financial reports, time clock, and data exports.

Reduce Your Overtime

See gaps in coverage and optimize your current clinical staff before scheduling overtime.

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Questions to Ask About Scheduling Software

When you’re looking at a scheduling software solution for your healthcare facility it’s important to ask the right questions. Not all scheduling software is the same and there are vast differences between them.

Below, we’ve included some of the questions we’re asked about Schedule360’s robust healthcare scheduling software.

How Much Money Does Scheduling Software Cost? Is it Worth My Money?

Many companies charge additional fees beyond the initial set up costs, but with Schedule360 there are no initial setup costs, only your monthly fees. Maintenance, training, and technical support are on-going and included with your monthly fee. With Schedule360 there are never any hidden fees or additional costs.

How Difficult Will It Be for Team Members and Staff to Use?

Schedule360 makes it easy for all to use as the software is intuitive and requires very little training. Training tutorials are short and only about 6-10 minutes. When you configure the app with your guidelines, it makes training your team and implementing the software a breeze.

The implementation process moves very quickly, from the initial software configuration until you go live, and rest assured our representatives will walk you through every step of the process. Support and additional training are always available at any time, and never an additional charge, even after launch.

How Does Schedule360 Reduce Labor Costs?

Schedule360 clients have well-documented ROI results showing a reduction in supplemental spending, paid FTE hours for schedule management, and staff overtime. Additionally, ROI is proven and shown in reduced time spent on scheduling tasks and expedited invoicing procedures.

What Kind of Messaging Is Available Through Schedule360?

Schedule360 uses web and mobile app notifications, text messaging, and email to empower proactive scheduling and communication. Messages that are read are time-stamped, so you’ll know who has opened the message and who hasn’t.

How Do Employees Access Schedule360?

Schedule360 is a secure cloud-based application, so it can be accessed from any internet connection. It is also compatible with virtually all major Web browsers. You will have access to Schedule360 from anywhere, anytime, from your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Schedule360 can provide an employee portal page or can work with your IT department to embed a link into your intranet site. Schedule360 can also be accessed through the login link on

Is This Scheduling Software Customizable for My Practice or Clinic’s Needs, or is it a One-Size-Fits-All Product?

The scheduling for an outpatient urgent care clinic will look vastly different than scheduling a stand-alone surgical center. Your scheduling software should not be a one size fits all “solution”. At Schedule360, our scheduling software is entirely configured around you and the way your practice, group, or clinic works.

We can also create different scheduling strategies between different locations under the same enterprise software. We can go live with one or 100 clinics. We make sure you have the tools you need to create efficiency in your scheduling.

Get Back To The Bedside

Stop spending time in the office trying to manage the schedule and get back to the bedside and seeing your patients. See how healthcare scheduling software can reduce the time you spend on your schedule.

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The Schedule360 Difference

Healthcare managers spend way too much time and energy trying to keep everything organized and on track, while working to piece their clinic’s schedules together. Schedule360 offers medical staff scheduling software uniquely configured for your facility’s specific needs. As an online platform, Schedule360 offers employees 24/7 access to their schedule, reducing stress and eliminating scheduling confusion. Based on rules you set in place, they can view their schedule, request time off, and swap shifts all in one convenient and easy to use centralized platform.

Schedule360 delivers affordable healthcare scheduling software that is specifically tailored to fit your needs. You no longer need to struggle to make do with an outdated system that just isn’t cutting it anymore. Schedule360 provides your organization with exactly what you’ve been looking for with the latest web and mobile technologies.

We make the decision easy for you by providing free setup, online training, and the industry’s best customer support, all at a price that you can afford. Even more, we assign a representative who works directly with you to understand your unique scheduling needs, along with providing expert consultation, managing your setup with IT, training, and administrative teams. Plus, our customer service and tech support is always available and ready to assist you 24/7.

Schedule360 can greatly improve the work/life balance of your hardworking staff by streamlining the entire scheduling process, leading to an increase in employee satisfaction and quality patient care. Stop wasting valuable time and energy on a system that is bringing you down and schedule a demo of this incredible medical staff scheduling today. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you.

Schedule360 is the employee scheduling software that works for YOU!