Updated For 2022: Flu Shot Clinic Scheduling

December 23, 2019

Schedule360’s rule-based scheduling software helps ensure that only those pharmacists and staff with the proper credentials are scheduled into provider slots, simplifying your entire flu shot labor scheduling process.

Flu Shot Clinic Scheduling

On-Site Flu Shot Clinic

While getting a flu shot sounds simple enough, people are busier than ever these days and don’t always have the time to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician to get their annual flu shot. This is one of the biggest reasons why walk-in flu shot clinics are becoming such a popular option.

Although there are numerous benefits of receiving your flu shot at pharmacies or onsite flu clinics, for the pharmacist who has been tasked with creating and operating this type of stand-alone or community area flu shot clinic, it can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, leaving them to wonder, “How can I schedule my staff and, more importantly, do I have enough qualified staff to meet the demand for both a flu shot clinic and the needs of my store?”

Relying on float pool staffing can help, but pharmacists and scheduling managers need to feel confident in knowing they can work with their own centralized scheduler to find a qualified pharmacist or other support staff to help pick up the pharmacy duties in the store, and or cover the on-site flu shot clinic.

You Don’t Have to Wait for A Doctor’s Appointment

As more people are turning to their neighborhood pharmacy to receive their flu shot, pharmacy schedulers need to make sure credentialed staff are able to give these shots during the time your store or on site flu shot clinic is open.

Consider implementing Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software. Thanks to this amazing software solution, you can create a new schedule type in your scheduling software to include your pharmacy flu shot clinic group or location.

Rule Based Scheduling

With pharmacy scheduling software by Schedule360, not only can you organize your calendar and staff, but you can also keep track of the credentials and licensing of all of your providers, including those who are certified and qualified to give a subcutaneous needle punctures, which typically includes your pharmacists, graduate pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and those interns who have obtained the necessary certification needed to be administering flu shots to the general public.

Build Your Schedule to Suit Your Immediate Need

Schedule360 has unique features that can help pharmacists and pharmacy store schedulers meet scheduling demands by offering up a pharmacy technician scheduling solution. Using the Schedule360 pharmacy tech scheduling tab, you can request additional labor during flu shot clinic operating hours. In addition, you can use Schedule360 as a reference tool to look at previous productivity reports to see when your flu shot clinic had the most activity, which is typically in the evenings or weekends, and add an additional pharmacy technician or pharmacist during those busy times to help lighten the load.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Schedule360 today and make your flu shot clinic scheduling as painless as possible.