Features to Look for In Employee Scheduling Software

September 11, 2019

Features to Look for In Employee Scheduling Software

There are so many employee scheduling tools out there. It’s hard to figure out which one is worth your money. But, looks can be deceiving. Not all scheduling software is created equal. You need something easy for you and your employees to use with all of the features you need to take the headache out of creating your staff’s schedule. Here are some key features to look for when shopping for top-notch scheduling software:

24/7 Mobile Schedule

Gone are the days of tacking a paper schedule on the wall only to take it down and replace it once changes are made. Look for employee scheduling software that includes 24/7 mobile access. A web-based scheduling system puts everything at your fingertips from anywhere at any time. A 24/7 mobile schedule enables you to communicate with employees in real time using the latest web and mobile technologies to proactively manage schedules and make adjustments on the go. It also gives employees access to the schedule so they always know when they need to work, thus eliminating calls to the office to check the schedule.

A good scheduling tool should also be cloud-based. It means you don’t have to download bulky software for it to work. You simply need a URL for all of your operations.

Advanced Reporting and Payroll Compiling

You can save yourself a lot of valuable time and frustration with a scheduling system that includes advanced reporting tools and easy payroll compiling. Having everything in one place on a dashboard will help you more efficiently email and print reports and other pertinent staffing information. It will also help you more easily compile information for payroll at the end of a pay period.

Integrated Messaging

Integrated messaging is a great feature in employee scheduling software. It avoids an endless string of emails and allows you to instantly send messages to employees when time off is approved/denied, a change is made to their schedule, training or recertification is necessary, and to relay any other important scheduling information. In addition, any last-minute shifts that need covered can be sent to available, qualified employees via cell phone, pager, or email.

Employee Shift Swaps

It is good to allow employees to swap shifts. However, sometimes miscommunication happens and other issues arise as a result. Look for employee scheduling software that allows and tracks employee swaps within parameters you set. Some systems allow you to configure a set of rules to allow posting only to multiple staff (no exchange required), swap with approval only, and only allow swaps that are +/- 1 hour in length of the original shift. All of this can help avoid confusion, uncovered shifts, and excessive overtime

Training and Support

Employee scheduling software is only as good as the training and support that comes with it. Training is the least a provider can do for you when selecting their scheduling software. Your scheduling software should also offer 24/7, live customer support. When you have a question, concern or problem you need help now. Great technical support is the way to get urgent issues resolved as fast as possible.

Now, there are a lot of free scheduling tools out there. However, their functionality, security, and support cannot be depended upon. You can put yourself at risk of technical glitches and data breaches. It is worth it find an affordable customizable scheduling software that gives you extensive features and dependable customer support.

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