Feature Highlight-Vacation Notes

February 26, 2020

Happy administrator using employee scheduling software with note features.

The process of approving time-off requests and trying to keep scheduling fair can be a big challenge for schedulers. Often there are reasons why you have to deny requests, but it’s not always clear to staff what those reasons are. And sometimes the requests themselves need a little explaining, but until now there wasn’t an easy way to pass along notes regarding time off requests and scheduling accommodations.

Schedule360 fixed this problem.

Our user friendly, robust, and customizable employee scheduling software just got better with an added feature making communication about time-off requests a breeze.

How to Manage a Time-Off Request

Schedule360 makes scheduling time off requests simple and stress free by setting a clear and defined process on how to fairly deal with and manage employee time off requests.

Set Guidelines

Establishing a set of clearly defined rules is a management must when it comes to an employee time off request. Otherwise you could face the possibility of employees taking advantage of and or pushing the limits when it comes to making excessive time off requests and last-minute schedule changes. When this occurs, it isn’t fair to those employees who follow the rules and can lead to bitterness among employees.

You can address all of the important and common issues that may arise when creating your time off request rules, such as these:

· When can employees request time off?

· How do they request time off?

· How often can employees request time off?

· How far in advance does the time off request need to be made?

· How will you handle when multiple employees request the same days off?

Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Better

The vacation note feature conveniently allows administrators to make note of whether or not a request was approved or denied, and they can also leave a note to employees explaining their reasoning. Recently, the time off request process just got even better as Schedule360 enhanced the note feature by displaying vacation notes on time off reports.

Staff will also have the ability to leave notes for the scheduler regarding their requests for time off. This comes in especially useful if there are special circumstances related to the time off request. For example, an employee may only need to have part of a shift covered, so they can put in the time off request, but add a note to explain that they are able to work half of the shift and are only requesting partial shift coverage.

Organizing Your Schedule Starts with Transparency

This note feature provides complete schedule transparency by making it easier for staff and administrators to see the big picture and communicate more effectively.

Schedule360 Never Stops Working for You

While some employee scheduling software companies may find it acceptable to quit making improvements once they have achieved a good product, Schedule360 works tirelessly and continuously to make improvements and discover new features to add to our software that will greatly benefit our client’s needs. Contact us today for a customized demo of our amazing software.

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