How long does implementation take?

Schedule360’s implementation process is designed to get you setup with a scheduling solution that is configured just for you. We assign a dedicated Schedule360 representative who works with you to understand your specific scheduling requirements and then manages the setup with our IT, training and administrative teams. Once we have gathered all of your setup requirements and received your facility and employee data we can deploy a live site within two business days.

What are the steps to complete implementation?

A. Configuration
A dedicated account representative will work with your scheduling team to gather your scheduling requirements and configure Schedule360 to meet your needs.
B. Data Load
You can provide your facility and employee data in excel format for uploading. This decreases manual entry for schedulers and speeds up the deployment process. Data can be loaded within two business days. Once the data has been loaded the site is live.
C. Scheduler Training
Following the data load, schedulers are trained via web conferences. During these training sessions, department-specific configurations can be added instantly based on your feedback. If requested an onsite trainer is available for your team at no additional charge.
D. Employee Launch
Once the schedulers are trained and a Go Live date has been established, employees will receive individual launch letters. The employee launch letter provides training, login, and go live information based on your requirements. Schedule360 will provide these letters in a PDF format for printing and distribution or the letters can be sent via email to the email account listed in each employee’s profile.
E. Go Live
Once the system is live with your configured setup, you are ready to begin scheduling. Your first scheduling month is free and our expert support team is available to answer your questions 24/7. You will also continue to receive full support from your dedicated account representative for the entire length of your contract.

How much does Schedule360™ cost?

Schedule360 pricing is calculated by the number of employees and facilities. Schedule 360 offers yearly contracts with various payment options. Free setup, training, and support are included with your contract. Schedule360 also provides your first scheduling month free per our Schedule360 guarantee.
Schedule360 Guarantee: Unique in the software industry, Schedule360 provides a guarantee with every deployment. Our contracts include a 30-day guarantee following your go-live date that is absolutely free. There are never any hidden fees and your success is guaranteed.

Can Schedule360’s setups conform to my scheduling process?

The biggest advantage of Schedule360 is our ability to configure the application to meet the individual needs of our clients. We understand that “scheduling” is a generic term and that each facility is unique in the method in which they schedule employees. “One Size Does Not Fit All.”

The biggest advantage of Schedule360 is our ability to configure the application to meet the individual needs of our clients. We understand that “scheduling” is a generic term and that each facility is unique in the method in which they schedule employees. “One Size Does Not Fit All.”

How do employees access Schedule360?

Schedule360 is a secure cloud-hosted application, so it can be accessed from any Internet connection. It is compatible with virtually all major Web browsers. You will have access to Schedule360 from anywhere using your PC, Mac or laptop – and can communicate with employees in real-time on their smart phones, PDAs, tablets and other mobile devices.

Schedule360 can provide an employee portal page or can work with your IT department to embed a link into your intranet site. Schedule360 can also be accessed through the login link on

How are schedulers trained to use Schedule360?

Schedule360 includes online training with a Schedule360 representative and the industry’s best customer support. We assign a dedicated Schedule360 representative who works with you to understand your unique scheduling needs, provides expert consultation, training, and support.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 at 877-441-5251 to assist you. On-site training is also provided through our in-house training experts at no additional charge for larger client deployments.

How will my employees be trained to use Schedule360?

Schedule360 includes online employee training in a flexible 24/7 learning environment. Our training modules are tailored to your specific goals and final setups to make it meaningful for your organization. These online training modules can typically be completed in 15 minutes or less and provide an efficient way to train any number of employees. Training tutorials are also accessible from the Schedule360 website.

Can Schedule360 compile payroll for my company?

Schedule360 enables you to configure the application to capture all the payroll variables for each employee so you can easily compile a detailed report for your payroll service each pay period. Schedule360 offers robust configurability to capture even the most complex compensation variables for each employee. The application does not administer actual payroll processing (paychecks/deposits), but it does allow you to compile payroll reports for your payroll service each pay period.

What kinds of facilities utilize Schedule360?

Schedule360 is the ideal employee scheduling and labor management solution for a broad range of industries because of its highly configurable and scalable design. Its flexible, rules-based functionality enables the software to be setup to fit your unique needs – regardless of the size, type or complexity of your organization. As a result, Schedule360 is used by healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, call centers, government facilities and other organizations to simplify scheduling and manage their workforces.

How will Schedule360 improve employee satisfaction?

Schedule360’s web-based scheduling software allows you to proactively manage schedules, properly staff shifts, capture each employee’s scheduling preferences, empower employees to self-schedule for open shifts and improve overall communication organization-wide. This increases employee satisfaction and retention, while gaining the highest utilization possible of every employee’s available work hours.

How does Schedule360 reduce labor expenses?

Schedule360 clients have well documented ROI results showing reduction in, supplemental spending, paid FTE hours for schedule management, and staff overtime. Additionally, ROI is shown in employee use of self-scheduling capabilities and expedited invoicing procedures.

Can Schedule360 interface with my payroll or time and attendance company?

Schedule360 solutions are highly configurable and our talented team can work with your organization to provide integration solutions for your payroll and/or time and attendance systems. Please contact us for further information on how Schedule360 can provide a customized solution for you.

How does Schedule360 utilize true self scheduling?

Our self-scheduling process is both intuitive and seamless, allowing Employees flexibility in creating their schedules while ensuring that individual work targets are met and safe levels of staffing occur for respective Departments. Management still “holds the keys to the kingdom” and defines set-up for Unit Master Schedules, Employee required targets, and Final Schedule balancing.

The difference with Schedule360 and other applications is the automation of the process that is delivered in a self-service world for employees. Instead of countless FTE Admin Hours spent on the task of schedule-building, Schedule360 allows the majority of the work to be done for you. Employee Calendars have an Advanced Search Feature which allows the ability to search for all open shifts that match the employees Assignment(s) and Qualifications. If desired, Employees can then self-schedule shifts via the system up to the defined OT threshold for the week or pay period. If you do not wish to use self-scheduling, it can be turned off for the entire Department or at the Individual Employee Level.

What kind of messaging is available through Schedule360?

Schedule360 uses a blend of the latest collaborative technologies, including the Web, mobile apps, text messaging and email to empower proactive scheduling and communication.

How does Schedule360 automate scheduling?

Schedules can now be completed weeks in advance through an automated process. Employees on recurring schedules are locked down immediately and open positions can be filled through employee self-scheduling or auto scheduling algorithms for the administrators. Last minute needs can be communicated instantly via e-mail, text message, or pager message and employees can log-in to accept shifts online.

What support will be provided to my facility by Schedule360?

Schedule360 includes free setup, online training and the industry’s best customer support. We assign a dedicated Schedule360 Representative to work with you during setup to configure your application to your exact needs. This person remains your Schedule360 Representative for the duration of your contract. In addition, your team will have access to expert customer support 24/7. We prominently display our toll free number so you can contact us at any time.<

What do I do if I am having trouble logging in?

If you are having trouble accessing your account see our troubleshooting guide to see solutions for common login issues. Schedule360 cannot give out credential information over the phone.