Facilitate Existing Processes For Efficient Shifts With Nurse Scheduling Software

October 19, 2022

One common concern we hear from potential customers here at Schedule360 is “Can you integrate with my current processes that are working well?” We understand that implementing a new scheduling process may be necessary, but it doesn’t have to overhaul the processes you use that don’t need to change. We work with your current workflow to make managing your staff and schedule easier and more efficient from a centralized web-based platform.

Smiling charge nurse creating a nursing unit schedule in a bright office in front of a window.

There are many scheduling software solutions on the market today, all with different price points as well as free apps. However, nurse scheduling comes with unique challenges. Sure, a one-size-fits-all staff scheduling app or workforce management software solution will have its benefits, but it’s not configurable enough to be THE solution for the complex scheduling pain points you are faced with. On the surface, free software solutions seem better than using pen and paper or spreadsheets to create nurse schedules, but you will have a difficult time finding a free solution that will allow you to keep track of everything that goes into creating a reliable nurse schedule. Free, or low-cost solutions are likely an out of the box solution, and although it may contain some useful features, there will be aspects you don’t need and others you wish you had.

We created Schedule360 to be configurable and scalable and we continuously create features that make managing nursing schedules easier. It’s the foundational way we approach our mission to create the best nurse scheduling software available: What makes nurse scheduling so challenging? Let’s create a process to solve it one pain point at a time.

Centralized Reporting and Oversight

Schedule360’s nurse scheduling software includes a growing list of intuitive features created specifically with nurse scheduling in mind that you can add or disable as your workforce evolves. This includes centralized reporting, scheduling, and oversight. Our scheduling software is configurable to adapt with how you want to view your reports and how you want to schedule your workforce.

Internal Messaging

Internal messaging capabilities include the option to segment recipients, eliminating over-messaging. You can choose which staff receives your message, whether that is everyone on the list, only qualified staff, those falling under target work hours, those currently working shifts, or employees not on the schedule but are available to work. You can even send a message to all staff working a certain shift in the future. With a robust messaging system, staff can always communicate with each other, and get real-time information they need to do their job safely. Messages are time stamped when read, giving admins assurance the message was received and viewed.

Self-Scheduling and Shift-Swaps

Nurse scheduling software gives employees flexibility over their schedules with rules-based self-scheduling and shift swapping. Flexible scheduling practices always ensure maximum coverage, while management still defines the rules and guidelines based on the processes of your unit or facility.

After shifts are released for the upcoming schedule and immediate booking of set scheduled shifts are complete, remaining shifts become available to qualified employees for self-scheduling. Self-scheduling provides employees with a sense of freedom while still ensuring individual work targets are being met and safe staffing levels are occurring.

Standardized Scheduling Processes

Though overtime is necessary, it can quickly become problematic if you lack the proper tools and resources to manage it fairly and efficiently. High overtime rates lead to increased labor costs and nurse burnout. Having a standardized process for common scheduling tasks keeps everyone on the same page, especially when it comes to time off requests and OT distribution. Standardized scheduling results in fair and even disbursement of shifts, so target work hours are met, resulting in less OT and happy nurses.

Schedule Transparency

Our nurse scheduling software provides complete schedule transparency by giving schedulers the ability to view the schedule in real-time. This makes it much easier to fill gaps in coverage with under-utilized staff, like PRN employees, where they are needed most. Plus, as a premiere, cloud-based scheduling system, we provide all staff with 24/7 access to their schedules from any device with internet access. Schedule transparency reduces missed shifts as staff have easy access to their schedule and are instantly alerted of any schedule changes.

Less Agency Dependance

This is the most advanced, clinically focused solution for gaps in coverage and staff shortages, with tons of innovative features designed to optimize employee scheduling. Float pool scheduling is often underutilized due to missed opportunities via manual scheduling methods. By leveraging automated scheduling software to optimize your current staff, you can stay on top of float pool scheduling, versus having to fill in with expensive, last-minute agency staff who charge a premium for their services. Relying on too much agency help isn’t feasible for the long haul as it is costly, creates instability in staffing, and you must continuously train agency labor to unit processes which is time-consuming and counterintuitive, as this becomes a never-ending cycle. Better patient care comes from experienced, satisfied nurses who are familiar with unit procedures.

How Can Schedule360 Help?

Scheduling challenges are a significant contributing factor to low staff morale. This happens when nurses are asked to repeatedly pick up open shifts, cover shifts at the last minute, or stay late to help cover staffing shortages. When nurses feel burned out and taken advantage of, they start looking for new jobs. However, many of the issues plaguing nursing units can easily be avoided with the help of a configurable scheduling software solution. We provide the tools that make optimizing your current staff much easier, resulting in an efficient scheduling process for meeting target work hours, complete schedule transparency, and a better work-life balance for your staff.

If you are ready to improve job satisfaction, increase retention rates of qualified nursing staff, reduce burnout and OT, and give your employees the tools they need for smarter, more efficient scheduling, contact Schedule360 today for a configured demo of our award-winning nurse scheduling software.