Employee Scheduling Software – Set Schedule Rotations and On-Call

March 17, 2014

Employee Scheduling Software-Set Schedule Rotations and On-Call Set Schedule Rotations

As many staff work a “set” rotation of shifts, Schedule360 incorporates an automated workforce management software feature that allows an Admin user to build and recur these patterns for all future creation of shifts. Upon the creation of shifts for the upcoming scheduling period, any employee who has a “Set Schedule” rotation will have his/her shifts lock automatically and remaining open shifts will be available for those employees who have been grated the ability to self-schedule.

Set Schedule Shift Rotations

Many facilities use Set Schedules for staff who work weekend rotations to ensure these shifts are covered.  Set Schedule Employees can still pick up additional shifts within their respective qualifications. One advantage of Set Schedules is that it eliminates the need for employees to “self-schedule” into shifts that they are required to work, saving time and ensuring that these shifts are not picked up by another employee. A second advantage is that a large number of shifts on Sets will be automatically booked prior to each schedule, resulting in significant time savings for Admin users in closing the schedule for open shifts.

On-Call Set Schedule Rotations

A newly developed feature for Set Schedules in Schedule360 is the ability to create Set On Call shift rotations. This feature was initially developed for our clients with Cardiology, Catheter Lab, Respiratory, and Surgery Departments. As these departments often require Staff to work a set number of On-Call shifts each schedule, the ability to set a Call Rotation benefits both Staff and Management as it ensures On-Call shifts are immediately filled, and saves significant time with over manually filling On-Call shifts. 

An additional feature allows On-Call shifts to be built in a Set rotation simultaneously with regular Set Schedule Staff shifts and adds another level of automation to Schedule Management while ensuring adequate coverage for safer levels of Department Staffing.

If you’re looking for a new employee scheduling solution, employee scheduling software has never been eaiser to use or intergrate into your scheduling system. Request your no obligation demo with Schedule360 today!