DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Chooses Schedule360

December 19, 2016

DeKalb Medical Physicians Group chooses Schedule360® Employee Management Software

DeKalb Medical Physicians Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based, Dekalb Medical Health System announced today that it has chosen to adopt Schedule360® for the management of Physician and Mid-level provider employee shifts.

Consistency and Continuum of Care:

Emily Cooper, Float Pool Manager for DeKalb Physicians Group explains, “The decision to adopt Schedule360® was mainly based on the success and experience our parent group DeKalb Medical Center has realized over the past 10 years of using the system. Schedule360® will allow us better transparency of employee schedules within both our Clinics and our Hospitals. We are excited about the ability to optimize the respective schedules of our Float Pool staff to more seamlessly cover the many open shifts in a more automated fashion. Previously we were forced to manage these openings through a manual process consisting of multiple phone calls and spreadsheets. Another great feature is that our Staff can access their respective schedules 24×7 online via computer or mobile device. As Schedule360® communicates all schedule changes directly to the employee, this will eliminate the uncertainty of changes that were previously made manually.”