CVS Minute Clinic® Selects Schedule360® Healthcare Scheduling Software to Oversee Provider Shifts Across 1100 Locations.

April 7, 2021

Minute Clinic® is an impressive, well-known healthcare operation with over 1100 Urgent Care Center locations and over 3000 Providers and clinical staff scheduled each day. While they may not require much in the way of an introduction, they did need a little help when it came to their scheduling process. In 2018, they announced they’d be utilizing Schedule360’s award winning pharmacy scheduling software to oversee provider shifts across the U.S. locations.

CVS Minute Clinic® Selects Schedule360® Employee Management Software to Oversee Provider Shifts Across 1100 Locations.

One of the many amazing features that won them over was the flexibility of customized reports.

Transparent, Web-based Scheduling & Customized Reporting

As the largest operator of urgent care clinics in the country, Minute Clinic® continuously strives to automate operations in order to provide the highest level of care to their patients.

Chris Bocompani, Minute Clinic’s Centralized Provider Scheduling Team Manager comments,

“The moving parts for managing Provider scheduling across multiple regions can at times, be overwhelming. The need for a consistent method along with top-down, real-time reporting, and the flexibility to evolve as our needs change, were several reasons why we chose Schedule360® as our scheduling software”

Mr. Bocompani explains further, “The implementation for Schedule360® proved to be a very smooth process. They provided the clinical staffing solutions we were looking for in terms of a staff scheduling software. Not only did the team take the time to understand our current needs, but as importantly took our suggestions for “wish-list” items and developed these requests into a number of user-friendly reports that help us more efficiently manage our scheduling process in real-time.”

Examples of reports that were developed include:

  • Non-Compliance Reporting

This report tracks all Provider schedules along with required weekly work targets. The report is color-coded and instantly shows Providers who are in non-compliance. The Administrators for each market can now drive schedule compliance and report it to Central Scheduling in real-time for weekly position control.

  • Staff Holiday Preference Posting

All providers can now easily post and submit Holiday preferences through their respective online portals well in advance of future Holidays. This feature is integrated into the Schedule for each location and allows Administrators the ability to approve holidays as well as backfill open shifts through one report.

  • MOC (Manager On Call)

The MOC report allows Managers for the various locations the ability to manage call schedules and cover each other’s shifts on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. This report displays in real-time for corporate reporting and eliminates the back-and-forth process of phone calls, texts, and emails to swap and cover On Call shifts.

Schedule360 Can Help You Too

Schedule360® is a highly configurable, web-based scheduling software solution designed to automate and simplify the labor management processes of scheduling and staffing, regardless of the size of your organization or the complexity of your scheduling process.

Schedule360® harnesses the power of the web through a “rule-based” system to provide the ultimate in schedule automation while ensuring the right clinical mix for every shift and every unit within a facility. Schedule360® can be accessed from any mobile device allowing full optimization of all FTE and PRN employees. Self-scheduling, staggered group rotations, set-scheduling, and dispatching open needs, paired with comprehensive, proactive real-time reports are just the beginning when it comes to the useful features available to you.

Real-Time Reporting

Schedule360 scheduling software provides integrated real-time reports which allow one click management of employee compliance to work targets and enable rapid schedule management.

Flexible Solution with Adaptable Features

Schedule360 is the ideal scheduling software solution because of its highly configurable and scalable design. This flexible, rules-based functionality enables the software to be set up to fit your unique needs and is designed to work with your current processes. Should your needs ever change in the future, Schedule360 grows right along with you, giving you the ability to add or remove features as your business evolves.

Ease in Implementation Process

Schedule360 is a secure cloud-hosted scheduling software solution, so there is nothing to download or install, making setup a seamless and stress-free process. We assign a dedicated Schedule360 representative to work with you who takes the time to understand your unique scheduling needs, provide expert consultation and guidance, and coordinate your setup with our IT team, training department, and account administration. Our goal is to relieve the burden of schedule management off your shoulders, so the last thing we want to do is leave you stranded with a complicated implementation process.

Schedule360 is proud to offer outstanding customer support from start to finish, to all of our customers, and are fully committed to making sure you get exceptional customer service and help every step of the way.

Complete Schedule Transparency

As a premiere cloud-based scheduling program, Schedule360 provides employees with complete and total access to their schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any mobile device with internet access. One of the many benefits of schedule transparency include the elimination, or at the very least, a sizable reduction in the number of employees having to call, text or email schedulers to find out when they’re scheduled to work next or confirm time-off requests of shift pick-ups.

This also gives your employees a sense of freedom as they’re better able to plan around their schedule, as well as providing a much-needed break for schedulers from having to spend the majority of their workday answering questions related to scheduling. Schedule transparency also greatly reduces the instances of missed shifts, as employees are able to view their schedule at any time and receive instant alerts in real-time should their schedule happen to change based on forecasted demand.

Innovative and Customizable Solutions

Just like we did for CVS Minute Clinic®, Schedule360 takes pride in listening to our customers to really pinpoint the problem areas in their staff scheduling process. We then get to work by developing features to provide customizable solutions to fit your unique needs. Our help and support are ongoing, so no matter how often your scheduling needs change in the future, Schedule360 is always here to help. We’re not a set it and forget it software solution, and are committed to providing 24/7 support to all of our customers.

Real-Time Web-Based Access

Schedule360 provides real-time, web-based access to schedules and reports which is especially helpful when you’re overseeing multiple locations and regions. Apps are problematic as they may lag and need to be constantly updated. Our web-based scheduling software gives your admins 24/7 access to the platform from anywhere, online and from any mobile device with internet access.

Messaging Capabilities

We understand the importance of being able to quickly and effectively communicate scheduling needs along with other critical information to pharmacy staff. This is why our scheduling software includes an integrated messaging tool with enhanced capabilities. Our unique messaging feature allows administrators to message various levels of their staff structure based on need. For example, admins can select staff from certain units, departments, or facilities, even across multiple locations. Segmentation capabilities provide accessible ways to message staff currently working, those off but available for hot shifts, or those below work target hours. Configurable options in a robust messaging platform like this effortlessly keeps everyone on the same page.

Our enhanced messaging capabilities reduce the instance of over-messaging by allowing managers to effectively communicate to only those who need to receive it.

This user friendly messaging feature can be extremely helpful to have in emergency situations, such as a snow day or unexpected closure, or in unprecedented times like today when dealing with a pandemic, where you have constantly changing rules and guidelines that you must relay to staff.

Credential Tracking

Tracking employee credentials and licensure is a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when relying on outdated, manual scheduling methods. Healthcare providers rely on credential tracking to ensure balanced coverage on every shift, but keeping up with the demands, especially now, can stretch your staff to the limits, and gaps in coverage based on lack of credentials can have serious implications.

Schedule360’s healthcare software tracks and stores employee licensure and credentials, but we take it a step further by configurable system alerts which can automatically notify staff 60 days prior to the expiration of their licensure. Quality care depends on qualified staff with the proper credentials, and the importance of optimizing your staff efficiently is one thing that should never be overlooked.

Moving Forward In the Future

The goal of transformational healthcare, or the initiative to improve patient care and build efficiencies through the use of emerging applications or innovations was already moving towards the goal of where we’re at now, but due to COVID-19 all of the transforming had to happen immediately, instead of over a few years’ time.

Suddenly and without warning there are all these moving parts and components to deal with. Previously, pharmacists were always driven by the pharmacy and filling prescriptions, but now the clinical side, such as patient care and health appointments at the pharmacy (including vaccinations and testing) are taking the lead.

Things are changing, and Schedule360 plans on accelerating the model by transforming it into our excellence versus looking to a time of getting rid of it. We believe things will never go back to the way they were, pre-covid, and we’re on the forefront with plans to keep moving forward.

For example, current pharmacies are collecting COVID-19 tests and Minute Clinic® is processing all of these tests, so it’s crucial that we manage that schedule to reflect these changes, and slowly easing into these changes isn’t an option either. Schedule360 is proud to have played a part in helping to make all of this possible.

When it comes to the transformational aspect of the labor model, how you utilize your current staff and resources has completely changed the healthcare industry at large. People are willing to do it, but we needed a way to manage the schedule across multiple locations to be able to make it all work.

Healthcare scheduling software makes it all work by showing you how to use your resources better by giving you the proper tools you need to make scheduling on the fly possible.

Our new and existing customers are seeing internal organic growth because we have a good, solid solution that works extremely well. Schedule360 understands the impact of transformational labor and that organizations can no longer operate status quo. Things are changing and we just can’t manage our labor like we used to anymore.

Our configurable, flexible, and robust scheduling software solution can drastically improve your scheduling process for the better. We’re here to guide you through a seamless transformation and would love to show you how our efficient solution works with a configured demo of our software. Contact us today!

This blog post has been updated from the original version first published 3/20/2018