Tracking Credential & Licensure Critical to Healthcare Scheduling

January 15, 2021

Tracking employee credentials and licensure to avoid non-compliance penalties can be a difficult and time-consuming process for healthcare managers, especially when relying on outdated, manual scheduling methods. Many organizations use a separate process to manage credentials than the system they use to schedule employees. Doing so can become inefficient when bouncing back and forth between the two, and manually cross-referencing often leads to unintentional human error.Healthcare administrator talking with a staff member about scheduling.

Healthcare providers rely on their credential tracking system to ensure balanced coverage on every shift. Keeping up with the demands placed on you during a pandemic can stretch you and your staff to your limits, and gaps in coverage based on lack of credentials in staffing can have serious implications.

Quality of Care

Maintaining safe staffing levels with full shift coverage is critical for providing quality patient care. Scheduling software tracks employee licensure and credentials, but we take it a step further,  to set up system alerts which can automatically notify staff 60 days prior to expiration dates. Quality care hinges on staff who’ve obtained the proper credentials, and the importance of optimizing your staff efficiently cannot be overlooked.

Shift Optimization

Scheduling software can uncover weekly, daily, and shift level patterns in patient flow through certain units, so providers are better able to forecast needs to meet the demand. Schedulers are able to achieve safe staffing based on employee skills and credentials, and our system can be configured to not allow staff lacking these credentials to fill in gaps in coverage. Optimizing the resources already available to you results in less dependence on agency staffing and the nuances that come with costly agency help.

Balanced Shifts

Staff scheduling software allows administrators to leverage schedule transparency by having everything you need-from reports to overtime thresholds-a few clicks away from each other. Segment your view by unit, shift, or even location. Look at who needs more hours to meet targets, or who is close to overtime at a glance. Urgent scheduling needs can be handled with ease by segmenting hot shift messages to all staff, only credentialed staff, or even staff who are currently working but could be reassigned to handle a surge in demand.

Unmatched Support for Unprecedented Times

Making a small change in the way you oversee scheduling will have an enormous impact on your processes. Implementing an efficient way of scheduling based on your unique scheduling needs will help you provide quality care to your patients by ensuring every shift is balanced based on credentials. We know it’s not about just filling the shift. Who fills the shift matters, and can make a critical difference for the patients under your care.

Credential tracking management is all about having the right information at your fingertips to match the right employee to the right shift. Schedule360 provides all of the tools necessary to accomplish this for you. We are here to guide you through a seamless transition. Making a small change in the way you oversee scheduling will have an enormous impact on your scheduling processes. Contact Schedule360 today for a configured demo of our amazing scheduling solution.