Creating Transparency and Efficiency in Hospital Staff Scheduling 

June 1, 2022

Hospital staff scheduling is unique, and without the right tools, staffing can be a challenge. It’s a juggling act of anticipating workforce needs, managing employee preferences and requests, and ensuring balanced shift coverage, but it doesn’t stop there. Hospital scheduling also includes managing labor costs and following compliance rules, all while trying to maximize efficiency. The constant need to balance these factors with a one-size-fits-all, inefficient scheduling process results in continuous gaps in coverage, over-use of costly agency labor, and high employee turnover rates.

An innovative, centralized staff scheduling system can create transparency and efficiency in hospital workforce management processes. Positive differences in staff scheduling workflows are evident almost immediately with a configurable solution that speaks to common healthcare staff scheduling obstacles. Schedule360 has created and continues to enhance a web-based hospital staff scheduling solution with features and technical support you won’t find anywhere else.

Healthcare staff looking over the staff schedule on a digital tablet.

Rules-Based Self-Scheduling and Shift Swaps

It takes careful planning to allocate shifts based on staff skill sets and patient demand. Although much of hospital staff scheduling requires a scheduler to assign shifts based on availability and unit needs, nursing shifts are often set and recurring. Allowing rules-based self-scheduling and shift swaps with guidelines set by management will automate some of the redundant scheduling tasks in nursing units. Open shifts are available for self-scheduling by qualified nurses, and if a nurse wants to swap shifts with a colleague, they can do so without manual approval. Since credentials are stored in employee profiles, open shifts and shift swaps are matched according to skills. If a nurse isn’t qualified to self-schedule into an open shift or swap a shift, they won’t have the ability to slot themselves into the opening. Every shift is easier to balance, nurses gain some control over their work schedule, and everyone follows and understands the process. To avoid accidental overtime, you can configure self-scheduling and shift swaps to require OT approval before shifts are assigned.

API Integrations

Successfully incorporating a new scheduling process into your unit is best achieved by keeping the processes that are working well and adopting more efficient methods to replace those that have become too cumbersome to manage easily. Staff scheduling is a necessary process, but it shouldn’t be overly time consuming or difficult. Using API integrations, our users experience the power of our robust platform and can easily exchange data with other software applications. Our software integrates seamlessly with leading HR, payroll, and CRM software and services, saving you time and simplifying your scheduling process. Schedule360 uses ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) to transfer employee credentials, time-off requests, and punch data securely and efficiently between our application and other third-party applications.

Shift Forecasting

Shift forecasting is easier and more accurate with configured reporting. Consistent gaps in coverage and mandatory overtime are stressful for everyone. Units can significantly reduce HOT shifts and urgent needs by accurately forecasting upcoming shift demands. Configured reporting tools can uncover weekly, daily, and shift level patterns in patient flow through certain units, allowing providers to forecast demand more accurately. Schedulers have the information they need to match nursing resources to the actual patient flow. With balanced shifts you can improve the quality of patient care and reduce costly staff turnover and agency dependence.

Schedule Transparency

As a Best In KLAS™ premiere, cloud-based program, we provide complete schedule transparency and accountability, including 24/7 schedule access for all employees with real-time updates. Schedulers can view schedules centrally with one click, allowing them to optimize under-utilized staff like PRN employees. Schedule transparency reduces the occurrence of missed shifts because employees always have access to their schedule and are instantly notified of any shift changes through our platform messaging system.

Easy Implementation

Our implementation process is guided, thorough, and we’re with you every step of the way.

We offer staff training to keep everyone on the same page through the seamless transition plus ongoing 24/7 customer support long after setup is complete. The configurable nature of our software allows hospitals to segment the system roll-out, so you don’t have to implement Schedule360 into your entire facility all at once. Our easy, stress-free setup process allows you to transition unit by unit if that’s what works best-all at a pace that fits well within your current workflow.

Features Designed for You

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different industries have very different needs when it comes to staff scheduling. We know scheduling, and our experience working with organizations like yours helps us develop real solutions to your unique scheduling challenges. Our ever-growing list of robust features will benefit your entire organization, allowing you to make small but necessary changes that will greatly improve your current staff scheduling processes. Because our software is configurable, you won’t be sifting through an endless list of features you don’t need. You can add or delete our innovative features as your processes evolve.

Scheduling software may create transparency and efficiency, but it’s important to note that not all software solutions are created equal. Staff scheduling for healthcare facilities is complex and unique based on industry requirements. You need a scheduling software designed to address common healthcare staffing pain points that can provide real solutions with minimal effort.

At Schedule360, We Know Scheduling™ Contact us for a customized demo of our award-winning hospital staff scheduling software today.