Configured Feature: Clinical Community Support

March 16, 2021

Schedule360 works continuously with our new and existing clients to provide innovative and customizable software scheduling solutions that will optimize and streamline scheduling processes based on real feedback.

As a leader in the pharmaceutical and drug store space, Discount Drug Mart is at the forefront of the COVID-19 Crisis. Discount Drug Mart quickly mobilized staff to assist boards of health, schools, and healthcare systems to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccination event coverage and support.

Pharmacy staff looking over the upcoming staff schedule.

Soon after pharmacists were given the green light to be able to administer vaccinations, they quickly realized that they needed scheduling solutions to help with organizing manpower and resources for their vaccination efforts to assist their communities in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Their team worked with the engineers and product specialists at Schedule360 to design an interface that would enhance and support their scheduling efforts by providing separate clinical support scheduling and resources from the community to assist their vaccination clinics.

Discount Drug Mart is partnering with colleges and universities to help their pharmacy, medical, nursing, and other healthcare students gain real-world experience and become a part of the solution as we face this worldwide pandemic.

Clinical-Community Support Feature

The Clinical-Community Support staff scheduling is separate from our “regular staff” feature. Whenever a student fills out the form and provides their necessary information, it’s then seen as pending on the admin side. Admins can then vet the students and schedule them based on their vaccination event needs.

This new shift-type feature can be assigned by event to make certain that needs are met. It can also be bundled with a specific shift-type. For example, a pharmacist requires two clinical community support staff for each shift. Once they are given a user account, they will have access to all of the features that make scheduling with Schedule360 a great experience for employees.

  • 24/7 Access to Schedule
  • Messaging Capabilities
  • Hot Shift/Urgent Requests
  • Survey Feature
  • Coming Soon-Online Training Materials

Healthcare workers are special people who respond to the call for help. Emerging students in healthcare shouldn’t be left on the sidelines, especially during a crisis. Discount Drug Mart was able to create an innovative solution to help these students give back to their communities while also gaining vital real-world experience.


Schedule360 Customer Support in Action

Discount Drug Mart is an Ohio based chain with approximately 100 stores. They planned to recruit pharmacy students and interns to supplement their vaccination teams, but they needed some assistance. To help support this effort, we deployed an “Enroll” button on their login page within a 48-hour window that captures pertinent info while directly inserting it into Schedule360.

DDM Community Support

How it Works

When someone clicks on the enroll button and submits their information, the pending student/intern profile is then activated by the Schedule360 Admin into a store/location. The user account is emailed through Schedule360 via the User Acct link and the new student/intern is ready to login to Schedule360, pick up shifts related to vaccinations in their area, or other available assignments.

In addition, we’re also deploying a simple training guide directly on the student/intern portal for how to post availability and pick up shifts.

This program could be implemented for nurses, providers, techs, and students. Discount Drug Mart got creative and deployed them as volunteers, not employees. Just another example of how Schedule360 can be customized to fit nearly any organization, no matter how unique or specific their needs might be. Contact Schedule360 today and let us know how we can help develop a solution for you.

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