Configurable Medical Staff Scheduling Software for Respiratory Teams

March 10, 2014

Configurable Medical Staff Scheduling Software Features for Respiratory Departments

Hospital Respiratory Departments are a key component in providing a high standard of care for patients. The coordination of schedules and assignments for these departments can be a complex task that requires flexibility to ensure adequate coverage. Schedule360® provides a configurable set-up that allows for easy set-up and management of Respiratory-Specific Medical Staff Scheduling processes.


  1. Staff Set Rotation Schedules
  2. Staff Self-Scheduling
  3. Assignment Notes on Daily Schedule for Tracking
  4. On Call Hours Set-up and “Call-back Dispatch”
  5. Credential and Licensure Management with Tracking and Reminders

Patricia Burns of DeKalb Medical Center comments:
We have used the original Staffing Angel™ system here at DeKalb LTAC Hospital for 5 years and I must say it was aptly named, a true Angel!! It is at our staff’s “beckon call”….one can sign up at home, at their leisure, day or night. If a shift opens at 0100, an employee one can sign up at 0101. Management enjoys the ability to control specific scheduling requirements and are able to set limits regarding different tenured staff members signing up first, second or third. For example, Full Time gets first dibs….Part time gets 2nd dibs etc.  We have been pleased with a number of features that have been developed in the system to better meet our needs and look forward to the launch of the Schedule360® brand.

Portia Hawks of Northside Hospital:
We enjoy the system’s ability to allow out Staff to pick up extra shifts at our sister facilities within the health system.  The flexibility of the self-scheduling has increased our employee satisfaction as they now have more control over their respective schedules while still meeting our department requirements.  We also like the Credential Management piece and the ability to schedule recertification classes system-wide to keep Credentials up-to-date.  The Messaging function provides a quick way for Management to easily communicate with Staff via Message Board, Email, and Text Messaging.

Robert Russell of Piedmont Hospital:
We have just started using Schedule360® and are in our first scheduling period.  The set-up and launch process was very straightforward as was the online training for our Staff.  The Staff are already self-scheduling shifts and we are able to easily track work targets.  Our NICU Specialty Staff can self-schedule these shifts as well as pick up regular Unit assignments easily, all while tracking required weekly works targets. We look forward to working deeper within the system over the long-term.

Schedule360™ offers the most configurable employee scheduling software application available and is designed to automate the labor management processes of employee scheduling. Schedule360™ harnesses the power of the web through a “rules-based” application to provide the ultimate in schedule automation while ensuring the correct clinical mix for every shift and every unit within a hospital. Schedule360™ can be accessed 24×7 from any internet connection, by all users allowing full optimization of all FTE and PRN employees. Contact us anytime to learn more how Schedule360™ can help your facility.