Combat Surge in Patient Volume with Provider Staff Scheduling Software

February 26, 2021

With the surge in patient volume due to the pandemic and seasonal demands in general, providers and their staff are being pushed to their limits in both working hours and capabilities.

Combat the Surge in Patient Volume with Provider Staff Scheduling Software

Without a streamlined approach to staff scheduling, health systems experience understaffed shifts, a lack of schedule transparency, and underwhelming report compiling which can leave administrators scrambling to fill in the gaps.

The inefficiency of your current scheduling process may be costing you more than you realize. This is becoming more apparent as we trudge forward through this new normal.

To meet the demands and volume associated with these current times, hiring new staff is inevitable. Staff scheduling software will not only help you efficiently allocate your staff, but also help you quickly reach the realization that you are more prepared with your current staff than you originally thought. Your facility simply lacked the resources needed to pull everything together in one organized, transparent digital platform.

Internal Messaging

Our provider staff scheduling software includes internal messaging capabilities with the option to segment recipients. Not every message is relevant to every employee. The ability to send messages to all staff, only qualified staff, those falling under their target work hours, those currently working shifts, or those available to work not only avoids over-messaging, but can be invaluable in streamlining your approach to an organized workforce. Messages are time stamped when read, giving admin/schedulers assurance that the message was received.

OT Alerts

Provider staff scheduling software by Schedule360 provides overtime alerts that sort staff who are close to OT for the work week or per pay period. Alerts can be overridden by admins, and employees can easily request OT work, pending approval. OT alerts allow admins to optimize the workforce you already have and eliminate expensive and unnecessary agency dependence.

API Integrations

Schedule360 operates well with your current process and can be connected to systems you may already be utilizing to save time and maximize data management. The right solution to your reporting pain points won’t overhaul your current process, but will fill in the gaps and enhance your data entry to make what you’re already doing work even better.

Credential Tracking

Track and store employee credentials and licensure in easy to access employee profiles, ensuring that safe staffing levels are always occurring. Admins can pre-set guidelines based on current policy to prevent employees from picking up shifts they aren’t qualified to work. Send expiration alerts to employees via an automated reminder of upcoming renewals in skills that require recertification.

Schedule Transparency

Complete schedule transparency allows admins and schedulers to view the schedule in real-time, all in one place, making it easier to fill scheduling gaps by using under-utilized staff, such as PRN employees for example, where they are needed most. A strong workforce is one that stays unified and on the same page. Our robust web-based solution allows everyone in on the big picture.

24/7 Access

Employees will have full 24/7 remote access to their schedule at all times from any device with internet access. Complete schedule transparency means fewer shift swaps and changes because employees have more time to plan around their schedule. It’s an easy way for staff to pick up open shifts and predict potential future scheduling gaps based on current coverage status.

Rules-Based Time-Off Requests

Rules-based time off requests and shift filling gives employees a sense of freedom over their schedule as they can conveniently swap shifts or request time off from their mobile device. Admins still define the rules, and the automation creates a set foundation for requesting time off for your entire staff.

Automated Scheduling Tasks

Scheduling automation frees up resources, improves staff efficiency, and reduces operational costs with the elimination of time that used to be spent on exhaustive tasks.

Schedule360 understands the enormous pressure that you and your staff are under today, and we’re here to help! We provide all of the necessary tools you need to streamline and simplify your scheduling process with features configured to your needs. Implementation is easy with our guided support and fully assisted data entry. We do the heavy lifting so your resources are put to better use. Contact us today for a demo to see how Schedule360 can change the way you manage your workforce.