Changes to Browser Support and Enhancements Coming to Schedule360

December 13, 2021

Some important changes are coming soon, and we wanted you to be the first to know.

What’s Changing?

After more than 25 years, Microsoft is officially retiring Internet Explorer next year. The aging web browser has been largely unused by most consumers for years, and Microsoft is officially retiring IE on June 15, 2022 in favor of Microsoft Edge.

Additionally, Microsoft terminated support for Internet Explorer 11 for the Microsoft Teams web app last year and is planning to cut off access to Microsoft 365 services later this year.

Laptop with Internet Explorer icon showing on the screen.

Internet Explorer is Retiring

Microsoft has been encouraging customers to stop using Internet Explorer for more than five years now. Microsoft Edge first appeared in 2015, kicking off the beginning of the end for the Internet Explorer brand. It’s been labeled a compatibility solution rather than a browser. With the end in sight, Microsoft has been reinforcing their message for businesses to stop using the aging browser and instead utilize Edge and its Internet Explorer mode.

Change can be difficult, but users who move to Microsoft Edge or another modern browser will see their performance improve over that of Internet Explorer, resulting in a more consistent experience. Microsoft Edge is faster, more secure, and more compatible with early-internet websites which are qualities its predecessor was lacking.

Upcoming Enhancements

Schedule360 is constantly looking for ways to enhance our web-based scheduling software. Our goal is to deliver the latest technology tools to provide the best user experiences across our Schedule360 platform. We will continue to make enhancements that will benefit our clients and meet their needs for efficient schedule management. Schedule360 will continue to inform our clients of any impacted services or solutions before any updates or enhancements are launched.

Please note that any advancements to Schedule360 will not be supported by Internet Explorer.

We Welcome Client Feedback

Your feedback matters to us! Schedule360 is constantly updating our features to suit the needs of our customers and we strongly welcome and value your feedback. Our scheduling software continues to evolve and become better. Unlike “one size fits all” scheduling software solutions, we are constantly creating features based on feedback from schedulers in the field who share ideas about what could make their scheduling process easier.

Here are a few examples of client favorite features that differentiate Schedule360:

  • Rules-Based Self-Scheduling
  • Employee Shift Post and Exchange
  • Messaging with Timestamps
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Payroll Compiling
  • License and Credential Tracking
  • Available Shift Dispatching: Broadcast Shift Dispatching
  • Employee Preferences and Time Off
  • Employee Survey Tool
  • Class Scheduler
  • Set Schedules Template
  • Float Pool Management
  • Overtime Alerts

We are Here to Help

At Schedule360, our goal is to simplify your employee scheduling practices by helping you save time and achieve your bottom-line goals, but it doesn’t end there. We do more than supply you with the best employee scheduling software and workforce management solutions. We stay with you every step of the way. Schedule360 includes stress free implementation, online training, and the industry’s best customer support available to you 24/7.

Schedule360 is available 24×7 to help, and we’d love to show you how our scheduling solution can streamline your current processes for better scheduling. We Know Scheduling™. Contact us to set up a configured demo of our award-winning, Best in KLAS, scheduling software.