Centrally Manage Your Mobile Workforce

September 22, 2021

For a company with employees in the field, mobile workforce management touches every part of the business. Whether it’s sales, customer relations, scheduling, back-office management, or brand reputation, everything relies on how effectively you manage your mobile workforce.

What does your mobile workforce management system need to be successful?

The tools that you used in the past may not be suited to the workforce or to customer expectations of the present and future.

The right mobile workforce management system will give you the tools to tackle scheduling challenges and meet consumer expectations and demands.

Business woman working remotely with a laptop.

Real-Time Communication Needs

Scheduling needs are urgent and need to be addressed immediately, so waiting to hear back from staff on whether they’re available to fill a last-minute shift simply isn’t an option. Schedule360 scheduling software provides real-time communication in an instant, so you’re able to communicate essential information to your staff via an email, on the message board, or through text message. Real-time communication needs are especially vital for the mobile workforce, as they don’t see each other face to face. Having a secure messaging platform to open the lines of communication is an invaluable resource, especially when communicating with staff during an emergency.

Supports Real-Time Accountability

Using a secure, cloud-based application, you’ll not only be able to communicate in real-time, but you’ll also enable real-time accountability. Messages are time-stamped when read to ensure your message was received. This leads to greater employee accountability as well as reducing common communication mishaps and breakdowns, like an employee saying they never got the message.

Data Accessibility in the Field

Outdated scheduling methods won’t cut it anymore. You need a software scheduling solution capable of capturing time-off requests that can also keep track of employee credentialing across multiple locations and regions. A solution that is constantly updated and available to your staff 24/7. Schedule360 software makes creating and managing a schedule remotely a breeze because you’ll have access to scheduling data anytime, anywhere.

Web-Based Access 24/7

Schedule360 provides complete schedule transparency by giving all employees 24/7 web-based access to their schedule, updated in real-time. 24/7 access to real-time department messages and scheduling needs in a self-service system can eliminate manual tasks by management to reduce time and resources spent on answering schedule-related emails and phone messages. Our scheduling software solution allows transparency of all scheduled provider shifts, across multiple locations, including a gap coverage report that identifies open shifts for backfill that would’ve otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Credential Tracking

Schedule360 scheduling software makes it simple for schedulers to track employee credentials and skills, which are conveniently stored in employee profiles. When creating a schedule, shifts can be narrowed down by shift type and required credentials, ensuring only those employees qualified to work the shift are scheduled. You already know how critical it is to ensure that employees aren’t working outside of their state licensure, skills, and credentials, so our software makes it easier to oversee both virtual and brick and mortar shifts together.

Ongoing Technical Support

Schedule360 provides the highest level of support to our customers. We don’t supply you with the software and leave, but rather we transition with you every step of the way. Our implementation process is designed to make things as easy and stress free as possible. We do all the heavy lifting for you, as the last thing we want to do is trade one burden for another. Should you ever need assistance, we have live operators available 24/7, ready to help.

API Integrations

Our unique software solution provides the ability to sync data with customer relationship management (CRM) software or other systems of record. Schedule360 effortlessly integrates with popular Payroll and HR Systems, saving you time and money. Schedule360 uses ORDS or Oracle REST Data Services to securely transfer staff credentials, time-off requests, scheduling, and punch data between ours and third-party applications.

Compliance Requirements

We’re committed to ensuring our customers have a secure and reliable infrastructure that protects the confidentiality of information (e.g., HIPAA compliance for mobile healthcare workers), while still maintaining accessibility. Our integrated, cloud-hosted software connects all the important components in your daily operations to ensure optimal accuracy, compliance, and efficiency is always occurring.

The Ultimate Mobile Solution

Schedule360 scheduling software allows you to align staff with demand to reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and minimize compliance risks. Communicate with your employees in real-time using the latest web and mobile technologies to effectively manage scheduling and adjust on the go. When we say mobile, we mean mobile. Our software makes it possible to schedule your employees from any mobile device, no strings attached. We Know Scheduling™, and we know we can make your scheduling process better. If you’re ready to take your mobile workforce to the next level, contact Schedule360 today for a configured demo.