Centralized Staff Scheduling Creates High Quality Patient Care

November 24, 2021

As the pandemic surges, web-based staff scheduling solutions provide an easy way to adjust schedules based on current staffing needs in real-time. Quality care means attentive healthcare staff who are eager to help, not overwhelmed and burned out.

Implementing an automated scheduling solution like Schedule360 will increase quality care for patients and boost employee morale which will have a positive impact on patient experience in your facility overall.

Medical personnel holding a patient's hand in a hospital bed.

Flexible Scheduling

Give employees flexibility over their scheduling with rules-based self-scheduling. Flexible scheduling practices ensure maximum shift coverage at all times, both proactively, for future scheduling periods, and reactively, for the current scheduling period. Management still defines rules and guidelines based on the unique processes of your unit or facility. By automating your scheduling process, this leaves more time to utilize your resources elsewhere, but also boosts employee morale as they’re able to take a more active role with their scheduling by having some control.

Internal Messaging Platform

Schedule360 scheduling software includes internal messaging capabilities with the option to segment recipients. This eliminates over-messaging into the void and directs important information to all staff, only qualified staff, those falling under their work target hours, those currently working shifts, or those employees not on the schedule but are available to work. With a robust messaging platform, staff are always able to communicate with each other and get the real-time information they need in order to do their job safely. Messages are time-stamped when read, giving admin assurance the message was received.

Improved Employee Morale

Scheduling conflicts are a factor in units with low staff morale, such as an employee being asked to repeatedly pick up extra shifts or working mandatory OT. Scheduling software can solve these scheduling dilemmas. Schedule360’s scheduling software adheres to a set of established rules and guidelines set by your management team, making scheduling a fair and transparent process for everyone involved.

The increased workload assumed by employees across the country demonstrates the need for healthcare facilities to develop agile responses to unpredictable medical situations. With the help of responsive scheduling software and 24/7 web-based access to real-time schedules, it becomes possible to ensure sufficient staffing levels, even during difficult times. With 24/7 web-based access to the schedule, everyone is always on the same page, even as changes occur. Having content, satisfied employees will help increase the quality of patient care being delivered and will ultimately have a positive impact on your workflow.

Centralized Scheduling

Viewing your entire workforce is just a couple of clicks away with our scheduling software solution. Schedulers can view by location, or at a regional level. This is the ideal feature for healthcare facilities with multiple locations and additional on-site events that require staffing. You need a software scheduling solution that can keep track of employee credentialing across multiple locations and regions. A solution that is constantly updated and available to your staff 24/7. Schedule360 software makes creating and managing a schedule remotely a breeze because you’ll have access to scheduling data anytime, anywhere.

OT Alerts

Overtime alerts are built into the system, allowing schedulers to quickly view those employees still needing hours within a pay period and those rapidly approaching OT thresholds. Alerts can be overridden by admin, and employees can easily request OT work, pending admin approval. A scheduling software solution also allows overtime hours to be more evenly distributed, making it a more fair and transparent process for all employees. This allows you to optimize the workforce you have and eliminates unnecessary agency dependence, increased cost of labor, and the continuum of care inefficiencies that come with utilizing agency labor. If you’re still using a manual, outdated scheduling process, it’s impossible to see the big picture for more effective schedule management.

Real Time Reporting and Forecasting Demand

Real time reports for target work hours and forecasting demand are made possible with Schedule360. Our scheduling software can uncover daily and weekly shift level patterns in patient flow through certain units, so schedulers are better able to forecast demand. Real-time reporting also makes forecasting demand possible. Integrated data compiling allows for one-click management of employee compliance to work targets.

Streamlining your scheduling process will free up your schedulers and administrators during high volume times and allow you to allocate resources and staff more efficiently. A simplified labor staffing solution is within your reach, and the implementation of a robust, web-based scheduling software like Schedule360 can be the easiest, most beneficial thing you can do, even now, when your workflows seem overwhelming, and you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your to-do list.

Credential Tracking

Schedule360 can track the licensure and skills of your staff by storing them in employee profiles. Skills requiring recertification are tracked from expiration date and alert employees 60 days prior to expiration. Credential tracking is essential in preventing staff members who lack certain credentials from filling shifts they aren’t qualified to fulfill. In addition to this equating to quality patient care, automated reminders of upcoming renewals are sent which notify both employee and management so there is little chance your workforce will experience a lapse in licensure.

24/7 Access

Schedule360 provides complete schedule transparency, giving all employees 24/7 web-based access to their schedule, updated in real-time. For those relying on outdated scheduling methods, this means staff must call or come in to find out when they work next. 24/7 access to real-time department messages and scheduling needs in a self-service system can eliminate manual tasks by management to reduce time and resources spent on answering schedule-related emails and phone messages. Our scheduling software solution allows transparency of all scheduled provider shifts, across multiple locations, including a gap coverage report that identifies open shifts for backfill that would’ve otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Float Staff Management

Float pool staff are often underutilized due to missed opportunities through manual scheduling methods. By leveraging automated scheduling software to optimize your current staff, you can stay on top of float pool scheduling while better utilizing your own healthcare staff resources. Manage float pools easily by creating a float schedule versus having to fill in last-minute scheduling needs by agency staff who charge a premium price for their services. An effective float pool ensures there are enough staff to address patient needs, prevents overstaffing, and keeps your agency dependency in check.

Guided Implementation Process

Schedule360’s guided implementation process is designed to set you up with a scheduling software solution that’s configured to fit your needs. You’ll get a designated representative to work with you to uncover your specific scheduling needs and manage your setup process. Our IT, Training and Administration teams work together to handle the heavy lifting for you. Since our software is configured to your facility and scheduling processes, implementing the new system is efficient and seamless. We realize that the timing for starting a new project in the middle of a pandemic may not seem ideal. The reality, however, is that adopting an efficient schedule management process to ensure your critical shifts are covered is a key component to providing high quality care to your patients in need. Schedule360 provides all the tools necessary to accomplish this for you.

Continued Tech Support

Schedule360 offers ongoing customer support and tech support, 24/7. Our support doesn’t end after the implementation and setup process is complete either. We’re proud to offer outstanding customer support from start to finish.

Smarter Scheduling Starts with Schedule360

Drastically reduce the amount of time, resources, and headaches spent on staff scheduling with the help of a robust, proactive, and scalable staff scheduling solution. Schedule360 is fully customizable to fit your facility’s unique scheduling needs. We’ve got the proper scheduling tools to help you better manage and track staffing demands. High turnover is typically attributed to staffing inefficiencies and disengagement of staff, but you can prevent turnover and burnout with our award-winning Schedule360 software solution. We are here to help, and we’re ready to guide you through a seamless transition. Let’s set up your demo today.