Can Nurse Self-Scheduling Reduce Turnover?

February 11, 2020

Nurse using a tablet to check her schedule.

Nursing can be a challenge, both mentally and physically. Providing patient care, assuring family members, and keeping up with the newest procedures can all lead to fatigue and burnout. This is especially true when nurses are asked repeatedly to pick up extra shifts, work overtime, or cover for another nurse at the last minute. These working conditions often lead to nurse turnover and it is becoming a fairly common problem, and the cost can be significant.

Fortunately, there is a way you can greatly reduce nurse burnout and turnover from occurring, such as with the implementation of nurse scheduling software.

Complete Schedule Transparency

Nurse scheduling software provides nurses and administrators complete schedule transparency by giving them full access to their schedule anytime, anywhere. Schedules can be checked remotely, 24/7 from any device with internet access. A transparent schedule posted in advance requires fewer shift changes and swaps because they have more time to plan around their schedule.

Offers Nurses a Sense of Control

Self-scheduling for nurses allows them much more control over their own schedule by choosing which shifts to pick up, which greatly improves morale and quality of patient care. With nurse scheduling software, nurses are given flexibility while management still defines setup to ensure work targets are met and safe levels of staffing are occurring.

Allows Shift Swapping

Self scheduling for nurses gives your staff the power and responsibility to make their own shift trades or changes, giving them more control and balance in their work/personal lives.

24 Hour Access

In the past nurses often had to call in to find out whether or not they had to work. Thanks to nurse scheduling software, they have complete access 24/7 from any device with internet access, allowing nurses to relax and not feel like they have to be tied to their phone or answering machine wondering when they’re going to be called in to work next.

Eliminates Missed Shifts

Nurse scheduling software takes the guesswork out of changes to the schedule, allowing them more time to relax and focus on their family and personal life whenever they’re off duty.

Makes Floating Easier

Nurses are often career driven and open to new opportunities or ways to expand their knowledge and skill set. Float pools offer them another avenue for career development, as well as encourage cross-training and alleviate shift shortages. Nurses who want more part time opportunities have the ability to control their own schedules, but still maintain some variety by working with other departments or units, which can help prevent burnout.

Manages Overtime Effectively

When overtime is mandatory, it leads to high burnout rates. For nurses who already deal with a stressful work environment, this can be especially taxing. However, when overtime is voluntary, nurses will often sign up for extra shifts, so the key is finding a balance where shifts are being safely filled, but nurses aren’t overexerting themselves. Nurse self-scheduling ensures a fair distribution of overtime, which reduces complaints, as well as cost.

Organizes Time Off Requests

Everyone needs a little time away from work to relax, especially nurses. Before the days of nurse scheduling software, time off requests typically had to be written on a piece of paper and handed to the scheduling manager. Now time off requests can be completed quickly and efficiently without ever having to leave home. Nurse scheduling software adheres to a set of established rules and guidelines set by management, making it a fair and seamless process for everyone.

To greatly reduce or eliminate nurse turnover, consider implementing nurse scheduling software by Schedule360 today. We’re happy to provide you with a customized demo of our award-winning software so you can see exactly how our software fits into your workforce management processes. Contact us today!