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Managing a telemedicine department, profitable call center and/or home based telephonic staff requires a high level of organization to ensure proper oversight, reduce overstaffing, and eliminate the potential for overtime and unexpected staff shortages. The Schedule360™ Employee Scheduling and Labor Management Applications allow you to proactively manage staff scheduling and have a real-time view of who is working, even when they are not physically sitting in your office. 

Schedule360’s secure cloud-hosted scheduling solution enables you to align staff with demand and simplify the scheduling process. It provides complete transparency and communication between the scheduler, call center management and your staff in real time using the latest online and mobile technologies. Schedule360 enables you to organize and report shift openings to available staff, capture non-availability requests and integrate electronic timesheets with payroll compiling.

Schedule360 Helps You:

  • Advanced Scheduling Automation – Organize schedules and invite shift openings to qualified on-call  staff, capture non-availability requests, integrate electronic timesheets with payroll compiling and more!
  • Optimized Staff Scheduling – Ensure your call center team is properly staffed at all times.
  • Employee Self-Scheduling – Allow staff to search and accept shifts within their qualifications online via a computer or mobile device.
  • Proactive Scheduling – Integrated real-time reports allow one click management of compliance to work targets and enable rapid schedule management.
  • Last Minute Schedule Management – Enable last minute critical needs to be dispatched to all qualified employees to ensure optimal coverage for any situation.
  • Real-Time Communication – Instantly communicate essential information to your employees’ e-mail, message boards and mobile devices.
  • Integrated Survey Tool – Allow the creation and dispatch of any Staff Survey for your facility or organization.
  • Labor Tracking Analytics – Monitor schedules and labor costs in real time to ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift.
  • Payroll Compilation Reports – Schedule360 can be configured to record all the complex variables associated with your payroll so you can easily compile a concise report for your payroll system or service.


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