Benefits of Implementing Nurse Scheduling Software

September 24, 2021

Benefits of Implementing Nurse Scheduling SoftwareNearly every healthcare facility has been impacted by nursing shortages. In addition to the challenge of maintaining quality care to patients, nursing schedulers struggle to keep their overtime costs down, reduce their dependence on agency help, and prevent unexpected gaps in coverage. Although it may seem overwhelming to implement a new scheduling system right now, taking advantage of nurse scheduling software can be a welcomed solution to minimize the issues of short staffing, better optimize your current staff, and keep your unit running efficiently.

Benefits of Using Software for Schedulers

With Schedule360, implementation is easy. We are there with you every step of the process and take on the time-intensive task of data entry. Our scheduling software will integrate seamlessly with existing Time-Attendance, Payroll and HR systems and can be uniquely tailored for your facility to include only the specific features you need. Some of the benefits include:

  • 24/7 web-based access with mobile login.

Employees can access Schedule360 from any internet connection, including a real-time, Mobile site. 24/7 access to real-time department messages and scheduling needs in a self-service system can eliminate manual tasks by management to reduce time and resources spent on answering schedule-related emails and phone messages.

  • Lower reliance on agencies.

Supplemental and Travel Agency Labor is an expensive way to fill open shifts. Reduced agency dependence is financially beneficial to your facility, as it frees up monies that can be used on shift incentives for full-time and PRN employees. Using a manual or outdated scheduling process is not only inefficient, but also feeds the dependency on outside agency.  Adopting a streamlined Nurse Scheduling Software program like Schedule360, allows the optimization of Full-time and PRN Staff availability, which allows for the use of agency staff only when absolutely necessary.

  • Streamline processes.

With scheduling software, you can streamline processes such as holiday scheduling, time off requests, driving and tracking compliance of target work hours, and tracking skills and credentials.

  • Hot shift scheduling.

“Hot Shifts” are critical needs that allow for employee self-scheduling through the optimization of Day/Night, Qualifications for departments, and the allowance of overtime hours for staff at the weekly overtime threshold. These shifts can be dispatched directly to employees as Urgent messages to cover gaps and allow qualified nurses, nurses beneath their target hours, or those looking for additional hours to pick up a hot shift.

  • Self-scheduling for nurses.

You can set the rules for self-scheduling, allowing qualified nurses to fill open shifts while still ensuring that work targets are met.  Self-scheduling can be defined to fit the needs of your facility, matching open shifts only to those Staff who are qualified and available.

  • Internal messaging platform.

Schedule360 employs a one-click process for dispatch of shift-related messages to employees via Cell Phone text, Email, and Message Board. Additional Internal messaging documents changes made to shifts and ensures specific, time-stamped communication, to keep everyone on the same page, especially when swapping or communicating with staff during an emergency.

Benefits of Using Software for Nurse Scheduling

In addition to all the benefits on the administrative end, there are many benefits for the nurses as well. Using scheduling software will provide your nurses with more control over their schedule. There is transparency in scheduling that aligns all stakeholders in the process, Employees and Management. Your nurses will be able to conveniently swap shifts, request time off, meet their target hours, and accept open shifts that meet their qualifications, availability, and credentials.

Nursing Software Can Improve Quality Care for Patients

Gaps in coverage are difficult for nurses and nursing supervisors but can also affect the level of patient care. Using software for scheduling will help you to avoid any potential gaps and will ensure that patients are treated by nurses with the right credentials. Nursing Software Can Reallocate Your Most Valuable Resources.

Schedulers are better served in patient facing roles and mentoring new staff than spending their time on administrative headaches. Many nurse schedulers are talented nurses who are far more valuable in patient-facing and staff training roles than in those of manual schedule-management, where they struggle to fill gaps in the schedule and manage overtime.

Investing in a new system may seem like one more thing for a nurse manager to take on, but the benefits and savings are well worth the initial time investment, especially when we take on the bulk of the heavy lifting of installation, training, and configuration. Utilizing scheduling software will ensure that your healthcare facility is running efficiently and able to provide quality care to your patients. If you’re feeling the burden of scheduling tasks, but you feel like there is no way you could implement something new, even if it would elevate your stress and frustration, let’s talk. We offer a configured demo of our award-winning nurse scheduling software so you can see first-hand exactly how well our scheduling solution can fit into your current processes seamlessly. We Know Scheduling™, and we know we can make your scheduling process better. Contact Schedule360 today to learn more.