Balance Staff Shortages and Patient Surges with Scheduling Software

March 31, 2021

Adopting a well-balanced employee scheduling software is a great tool for ensuring a safe and productive working environment, especially in times like these when resources are stretched thin and patient needs are greater than ever before.

Responsive scheduling software is an easy way to handle any last-minute needs. Being aware of and having the ability to prevent staff shortages is made possible with the help of a robust web-based solution. The increased workload assumed by employees across the country demonstrates the need for healthcare facilities to develop agile responses to unpredictable medical situations. With the help of responsive scheduling software, it becomes possible to ensure sufficient staffing levels, even during difficult times.Balance staff shortages with scheduling software

Optimized Scheduling

Schedule360’s software solution enables you to optimize scheduling using your current staff, therefore drastically reducing expensive agency needs. In addition, you can take inventory of the resources that you already have at your disposal with scheduling software. Quickly track and organize the skills and credentials your organization already has available, so you don’t have to search elsewhere.

Reduction in Overtime 

With the right scheduling software, you can dramatically cut down on OT by sifting out employees who are currently below target work hours. You can also spot gaps in coverage and optimize your current staff before using an outside agency or approving overtime.

Real-Time Reporting

Forecasting shift needs is made easier with real-time reporting. Integrated data compiling allows one-click management of employee compliance to work targets. The ability to oversee multiple schedules from multiple locations makes managing the entire scheduling process less of a hassle, and frees up your resources to be spent elsewhere and more productively.

Configured Features

Configured features give you exactly what you need to solve unique pain points now and can also change and adapt to meet any needs in the future. Select features you need now, and add more as your processes evolve. Schedule360 Employee Scheduling Software provides a flexible yes/no set-up allowing you to quickly add fields, reports, and features that personalize the system to how you manage scheduling.


Give your employees a sense of flexibility and independence with the ability to self-schedule, while still ensuring individual work targets are met and safe staffing levels occur. You can set up the guidelines to follow, and even require approval upon submissions.

Shift Swapping

Empower staff by letting them swap shifts with other employees, all within a set of rules and guidelines set by admin. Employees who are qualified to cover any given shift will be able to, and those who fall short of credentials won’t have access to the shift slot. With the right scheduling software you can create balanced shifts and only call out to agency help when it’s absolutely necessary.

Reduction in Burnout

Scheduling problems are a huge factor contributing to low staff morale. This can happen when employees are asked to repeatedly pick-up extra shifts, cover shifts at the last minute, or be asked to stay late to keep things running smoothly. Scheduling software helps solve your major scheduling dilemmas and improve workplace morale, which leads to less burnout and turn over. 

Allocated Resources

Allocate resources quickly and effectively for the best patient care. You already know how vital it is to ensure that employees aren’t working outside of their licensure, credentials, and skills, so our software provides crucial features that can help with that. Schedule360 can also keep you in the know with a broad view of the big picture and real-time schedule needs.

Internal Messaging

Internal messaging is invaluable in times of urgency. Schedule360 understands the importance of being able to effectively communicate urgent scheduling needs to your employees, so our software comes equipped with an internal messaging tool, along with enhanced messaging capabilities that allow you to segment messages to only those who apply.

Why Choose Schedule360?

In short, implementing responsive scheduling software by Schedule360 can lead to increased satisfaction, enhanced productivity, greater accountability, and an improved sense of organization within the workplace.

You can’t afford to use an insufficient tool, or spend several months searching for the right scheduling software program that will work for your team. Schedule360 is designed to work in any given situation and is fully customizable to fit your unique scheduling and workforce management needs. If you’re looking for a configured solution to your common scheduling pain points, contact Schedule360. We’d love to help you create and develop the ideal scheduling software solution that is made just for you, and we can show you exactly how it all works with a configured demo.