Lourdes Health Network Utilizes Schedule360 Nurse Scheduling Software

March 13, 2018

Serving the Mid-Columbia Valley for over 100 years, Lourdes Health is a vital part of the healthcare community in Pasco, WA. Lourdes Health initially selected Schedule360 for their nurse scheduling software in February of 2012 to automate shift scheduling for their nursing department using our web-based platform.

Ascension-Owned Lourdes Health Network Utilizes Schedule360 Nurse Scheduling Software

Union Nursing Environment Requires Staffing Transparency and Accountability

Julie Fancey, Staffing Coordinator for Lourdes Health explains, “Lourdes Health Nursing operates in a union environment with the overriding goal of providing patient safety through the highest level of care. Schedule360 has been a very useful system in allowing Lourdes to set the appropriate mix of nursing personnel by skill to ensure a safe level of staffing for every department on every shift.”

Proactively, we have a master schedule for each department that creates the number of shifts needed for each day, which encompass both the number of staff and skill levels of each to achieve an optimal level of staffing. Additionally, we employ a scheduling process that is a combination of recurring schedules along with a self-scheduling protocol that allows staff to pick up shifts online, within departments, based upon staff qualifications.

The transparent nature of the house schedule allows our supervisors to efficiently manage openings in both the short-term and long-term to maintain constant coverage. Schedule360 provides daily, weekly, monthly, and custom date range reporting to track all levels of staff scheduling and helps drive compliance to respective targets.

Time-Attendance Interface and Vendor Responsiveness

Ms. Fancey comments further:

“Several years ago, we interfaced Schedule360 to our Kronos Time-Attendance system. The interface functions to push the schedule record for every employee into the time-attendance system and improves both the accuracy as well as the timeliness for payroll processing. The interface initially seemed complicated but was efficiently managed by the Schedule360 Team.

The Schedule360 team has been responsive to our needs with updated reporting, ongoing training and they are very timely with system issues and fixes, as those needs arise. One of the best results is that we receive this level of service without being charged extra for every request we make. We are extremely happy with the performance of the system and the level of service we receive from Schedule360.


Schedule360 is a highly scalable software solution designed to automate the labor management processes of both scheduling and staffing. Schedule360 harnesses the power of the web through a “rules-based” system to provide the ultimate in schedule automation while still ensuring the correct clinical mix for every shift and unit within a facility. Schedule360 can be accessed from any device with internet access, allowing full optimization of all FTE and PRN employees. Self-scheduling, schedule transparency, and automated tasks, along with comprehensive, proactive real-time reports are just a few of the many features and benefits you’ll gain with Schedule360’s scheduling software.

Schedule Transparency

Schedule360 scheduling software provides full schedule transparency, giving schedulers and admin the ability to view the schedule in different ways that make managing schedules across multiple locations a more accurate and faster process. Employees can also view their schedule 24/7 from any mobile device with internet access. Transparent schedules posted in advance mean less changes are needed to the schedule which results in a reduced number of missed shifts because employees have more time to plan around when they are working.

API Integrations

With API integrations, our users get to experience the sheer power of our robust platform by easily exchanging data with other software applications. We’re here to help solve your scheduling pain points, so we work with your current processes to make them more efficient. Schedule360 integrates seamlessly with leading payroll, HR, and CRM software, saving you time and sanity as it simplifies and organizes your entire scheduling process from reporting to gaps in coverage. Schedule360 uses ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) to securely transfer employee credentials, schedules, time-off requests, and punch data between our application and third-party applications.

Real-Time Reporting

The ability to forecast shift needs is made much easier thanks to the use of real-time reporting that comes equipped in our scheduling software. Integrated data compiling allows for one-click management of employee compliance to work targets. The ability to oversee multiple locations makes managing the scheduling process much more efficient, and dramatically frees up your resources to be better utilized elsewhere.

Ease of Implementation and Ongoing Customer Support

Our easy, stress-free implementation process is designed to ease the burden of launching a new system. Our scheduling software solution is configured to fit the unique and specific needs of your organization. We assign a Schedule360 representative to work closely with you so we have a genuine understanding of your unique scheduling needs, can provide expert consultation, and coordinate your setup with our IT, training department, and account administration teams. Throughout the implementation and training, Schedule360 handles all of the heavy lifting for you and provides a step-by-step guided plan guaranteed to make the entire implementation process as simple and seamless as possible. You’re looking for a solution, not complications. We provide ongoing customer support and both initial and ongoing training throughout the duration of your contract. Our toll free number is manned by a trained scheduling specialist to provide assistance 24/7.

Why Choose Schedule360?

We understand the solution to your unique healthcare scheduling pain points isn’t going to be found in a one-size-fits all approach-that rarely works, especially in healthcare facilities. Creating and managing employee schedules is a complex task that can require schedulers to deal with the pressure of having to oversee and manage multiple facets of the process while still maintaining safe staffing levels to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of care. At Schedule360, “We Know Scheduling” and have developed the right set of tools to help you streamline and simplify your entire scheduling process. We’re ready when you are. Let’s talk today.


*this post has been updated from its original publication