Are You Ready to Set Your Pharmacy Scheduling Spreadsheet on Fire?

November 21, 2019

Are You Ready to Set Your Pharmacy Scheduling Spreadsheet on Fire?

Scheduling isn’t an easy task, no matter what the industry, but pharmacies deal with staff scheduling challenges that are unique and specific to the pharmacy field. This is especially true for those pharmacies who are still resorting to outdated, manual scheduling methods, such as spreadsheets, and worse, pen and paper.

While spreadsheets can be a useful tool for a lot of things, especially when it comes to the calculating and storing of number data, there are major limitations when it comes to pharmacy scheduling.

Here are some reasons why spreadsheets simply won’t cut it anymore for your pharmacy scheduling process:

Spreadsheets Are Too Time-Consuming

This is the number one problem when using a manual scheduling method to manage your pharmacy scheduling. The process takes entirely too long. In fact, scheduling can be downright impossible when trying to juggle schedules for pharmacists, techs, and interns.

Since shifts often need to be rearranged, cancelled, or even swapped, this leaves staffing managers with the dreaded, tedious process of being tied to their desk, manually editing and update spreadsheets throughout the day, and then redistributing the updated schedule to staff. It’s a frustrating, continuous cycle, often leading to some confusion, as employees aren’t always aware of last-minute changes or shift needs.

Spreadsheets Can’t be Automated

While spreadsheets might work their magic when it comes to calculating data, there are no specific formulas when it comes to the ins and outs of pharmacy scheduling. With online employee scheduling software, you can customize and automate your own scheduling needs by setting up recurring shifts to repeat, discover which employees are available to cover open shifts, create payroll timesheets, and much more.

Spreadsheets Are Prone to Errors

Another complication with using spreadsheets is the likelihood of human errors occurring. Unfortunately, with spreadsheets, there is a high volume of data to decipher between, making it difficult to even locate an error, let alone correct it. Plus, all edits and changes must be entered manually, and the more data that is entered, the more opportunities there are for additional errors to occur.

Spreadsheets Aren’t Perceptive

While spreadsheets don’t have the capabilities to notify you of any shift conflicts, such as double-booked shifts, employees rapidly approaching overtime, or open shifts that haven’t been filled, online employee scheduling software can do this for you.

Here are some other benefits of utilizing online employee scheduling software:

· Optimize floats while managing time-off requests for store staff.

· Quickly backfill shifts with float staff within store alignments and certifications.

· Easily allow pharmacy managers to utilize rule-based pharmacy technician scheduling.

· Instantly communicate with all pharmacy staff using text messages or emails for last-minute needs.

· Centralize management of complex float pool scheduling for multiple locations.

· Manage a pharmacy technician work schedule locally and regionally.

· Automate and create a pharmacist schedule template to help backfill shifts.

· Track shift schedules and manage coverage gaps in real-time.

· Maintain union and non-union requirements with automated labor rules.

· Easily configure multiple staffing regions or groups within large enterprises.

· Manage schedules with real-time analytics and advanced labor reporting tools.

Manual Spreadsheets Fall Short

Now that the limitations of spreadsheets are out in the open, it’s time to make them a thing of the past by switching over to a more efficient and organized pharmacy scheduling solution. Schedule360 knows scheduling, and we know the unique challenges Pharmacy scheduling brings to the table. Set yourself free of spreadsheet misery today and contact us for a customized demo. You’ll soon wonder how you and your staff survived without it.