API Integration with Schedule360

September 14, 2022

Schedule360 offers an innovative approach to healthcare staff scheduling with API capabilities. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do you integrate with our time and attendance software?”  We understand the apprehension to jump on board before knowing if you can keep the processes you already have that work well. The good news is: Yes, our healthcare staff scheduling software was developed to work with your current applications. Schedule360 can create an integration for your unique scheduling processes, or you can choose from one of our popular integrations for your Schedule360 interface.

Schedule360 is able to integrate with many other software applications, creating a bridge between your scheduling software and the other software applications you use.

Schedule360 can also integrate with other software applications, creating a bridge between your scheduling software and these systems. With this integration, Schedule360 users can experience the power of our robust platform while seamlessly exchanging data with other software applications.

Schedule360 effortlessly integrates with leading Payroll and HR systems, streamlining the interface process. Some of the most common integrations include staff data, scheduling, payroll, time off, and credential data.


Salesforce allows you to manage your clinical teams and track outcomes in one convenient platform. Valuable features include transparent scheduling, HIPAA compliant portals, and expense management. Scheduling transparency provides you the ability to see your clinical team’s availability and credentials to ensure only qualified staff are filling certain shifts, work targets are met, and safe staffing levels are always occurring.

With HIPAA-compliant portals, patient data is blinded. You can also capture and pre-populate job and training requests. Build one file to submit to payroll by utilizing the expense management feature. You can also access rules-based payroll for labor laws by state, and you can quickly track expense reporting. Compiling features such as W2 and 1099 are also included.

Salesforce integrates reporting and surveys into one platform, tracking the time from script to patient touch from your clinical teams. You can use these reporting features to keep track of benchmarks and measure patient in-service training goals and outcomes.

You can also utilize Schedule360’s survey feature to gather post-training feedback and follow-up, upload necessary training documents, export flat-file responses, and store them inside Schedule360 for remote, cloud-based access from any device.


With Paylocity, your team member data can seamlessly integrate into your scheduling. Determine your wage costs by viewing payroll data and wage rates or combine different labor costs for accurate forecasting.

Paylocity offers vital credential information ensuring employee credentials are current and up to date. Whenever credential renewals are due, notifications are dispatched. Training can be scheduled from within the platform.

Time off requests are overwhelming, but not with Paylocity and Schedule360. Easily manage your PTO requests by viewing actual data for your staff using auto-update for reductions and usage of scheduling data.


With UltiPro, your employee data seamlessly integrates into your scheduling, providing transparency for your scheduling, credentialing, pay rates, workman’s comp, garnishments, and insurance.

Payroll data like employee benefits and comp time integrate directly into your schedule, giving you a transparent picture of available staff.

Remain current on your employee’s credentials. Receive notifications when renewals are due, and schedule training directly inside the platform to keep everyone up to date.

You can also easily add new employees and data, eliminating onboarding headaches.


With Oracle, your employee data can seamlessly integrate into your scheduling.

As your staff moves between locations, their payroll data goes with them. Stay up to date on your employee’s credentials, get notifications when renewals are due, and schedule training directly inside the platform to keep everyone current. On-board your employees with ease. As new employees join, their schedule data will populate. Keep your training resources in the cloud for anywhere access.


With Kronos, your employee data seamlessly integrates into your scheduling. Forecast overtime based on your attendance, view employee productivity, and optimize your current labor force before scheduling overtime.

Accelerate time-off requests by automatically opening those shifts for trade with minimal supervisory oversight as soon as employees request time off.

Communicate and schedule your employees in ways that weren’t possible in legacy situations.


ADP is a seamless payroll integration with easy onboarding. Sync your current employees with a click. No need to duplicate data entry.

Payroll reporting and processing sync seamlessly. Run reports, combine pay rates, merge different locations, and account for labor laws.

With hassle-free timesheets, there is no need to enter data twice manually. And you can easily compare scheduled shifts to clock-in times.


With HubSpot, you can manage your employees with the ability to view your team’s availability and gaps in coverage immediately.

Create a ticket for follow-up by another team member within Schedule360 and track the ticket in HubSpot for goals and outcomes.

Send automatic reminders to employees for scheduled shifts or training, reducing no-shows.

Charge your scheduling process with the data and integrations needed to simplify everything including seamlessly integrating the necessary information required for reporting, optimizing workforce with better oversight for labor management, and avoiding duplication by capturing your vacation and time-off requests inside the scheduling platform, preventing the need for multiple entries.

Schedule360’s innovative, configurable features will streamline your scheduling and reporting for greater efficiency. Quickly and securely transfer staff credentials, time off, schedule, and punch data between our application and third-party applications.

You can finally rid yourself of time-consuming administrative tasks by effortlessly transferring data between various software applications that might otherwise require manual input, enabling you to work smarter, not harder. To discover how our award-winning software can help your company, contact Schedule360 for a customized demo.