API Integration with Schedule360

January 9, 2020

Schedule360 is able to integrate with many other software applications, creating a bridge between your scheduling software and the other software applications you use.Schedule360 is able to integrate with many other software applications, creating a bridge between your scheduling software and the other software applications you use. With this integration, Schedule360 users can experience the power of Schedule360’s robust platform, while seamlessly exchanging data with other software applications.

Schedule360 readily integrates with leading Payroll and HR systems, saving you time, as well as simplifying your scheduling process. At Schedule360 we can create an integration for your unique processes, or you can choose from one of our popular integrations for your Schedule360 interface. Some of the most common data sets to integrate include staff data, scheduling and payroll, vacation and time off, and credential data.


With Salesforce, you can manage your clinical teams and track outcomes all in one platform, with important features such as transparent scheduling, HIPAA compliant portals, and expense management.

With scheduling transparency, you have the ability to see your clinical team’s availability and credentials all in one platform. This ensures that only those who are qualified are filling certain shifts. This ensures that work targets are met, and safe levels of staffing are occurring.

With HIPAA compliant portals the patient data is blinded. You can also capture and pre-populate job and training requests.

By utilizing the expense management feature, you can build one file to submit to payroll. You will also have rules-based payroll for labor laws by state, and you can easily and accurately track expense reporting. W2 and 1099 compiling features are also included.

With Salesforce you are integrating reporting and surveys into one platform, allowing you to track the time from script to actual patient touch from your clinical teams. Use these reporting features to keep track of benchmarks and measure patient in-service training goals and outcomes.

By utilizing Schedule360’s survey feature, you can then gather post-training feedback and follow-up, upload necessary training documents, and store them inside Schedule360 for remote, cloud-based access from any device.


With Paylocity, your employee data can seamlessly integrate into your scheduling, providing complete transparency for your scheduling, credentialing, and pay rates.

With payroll data you can determine your actual wage costs by viewing payroll data and wage rates. You can also combine different labor costs for accurate forecasting.

Paylocity offers pertinent credential information, ensuring employee credentials are up to date and current. Notifications are sent whenever renewals are due, and training can be scheduled directly from within the platform.

Time off requests can be overwhelming, but with Paylocity, you can easily manage your PTO requests by viewing accrual data for your staff using auto-update for reductions and usage of scheduling data.


With HubSpot you can manage clinical teams and track productivity all in one platform.

Manage your employees with the ability to view your team’s availability, as well as gaps in coverage with a quick glance.

Create a ticket for follow up by another team member within Schedule360, then track the ticket in HubSpot for goals and outcomes.

Send reminders to employees for scheduled shifts or trainings, reducing no shows.

Schedule360 allows your scheduling process to become charged with the data and integrations needed to make things simpler, including seamlessly integrating the necessary information you need for reporting, optimizing workforce with better oversight for labor management, and avoiding duplication by capturing your vacation and time-off requests inside the scheduling platform, preventing the need for multiple entries.

Thanks to the help of Schedule360 API integrations, you can finally rid yourself of time-consuming manual labor by easily and efficiently transferring data between various software applications that might otherwise require manual input, enabling you to work smarter, not harder. To get a better idea of how our award-winning software can work for your company, contact us today for a customized demo.