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What Our Clients Are Saying

Schedule360™ is the leading choice for companies and organizations around the world to manage their workforce scheduling. Here is what some of our clients are saying about the bottom line results they are experiencing from Schedule360.

  • “Schedule360™ reduced the amount of monthly overtime in our Emergency Department from an average of 850 hours to 250 hours” -read more-
    ~ Jana Hill, Athens Director of Nursing
  • “Schedule360™ has completely fixed our broken process for scheduling,” -read more-
    ~ Julie Brown, Project Lead for BVH
  • “We’ve allowed individual units to make changes to Schedule 360™ to fit their needs – every nursing area is not the same as another and they have their own unique staffing issues; some areas have calls, secondary, voluntary” -read more-
    ~ Barbara Kleynan, Nursing IT Coordinator
  • FastMed’s first challenge was covering all of their clinics’ needs. In a growth environment, staff is continually changing and moving. Typical for clinics, this makes it difficult to keep up with staff additions and changes. -read more-
    ~ FastMed Urgent Care
  • “Since the need for agency labor has dried up, now we take that money and put it towards incentives for our own employees” -read more-
    ~ Sharon Queen, Clearview Regional CNO
  • “Schedule360™ has completely automated our scheduling, staffing, and payroll processes” -read more-
    ~ David Schillinger, Chief Medical Officer
  • “The insight of the Schedule360™ team was instrumental in finding the most efficient means to accomplish our goals, record all of our staff activity and effectively report team payroll” -read more-
    ~ Mary Robinson, iTI Senior Director of Operations
  • “The Schedule360™ team has been extremely responsive to our requests. They fully deliver on every aspect of developing the system to meet our everchanging needs for schedule management. -read more-
    ~ Beth Cumbie, Director of Nursing
  • “Spectrum’s greatest challenge comes from managing the facility qualifications of over 1,000 employees. Additional challenges come from the need to track scheduling across all 150 facilities.” -read more-
    ~ Spectrum Healthcare Resources
  • “As we serve markets across the U.S., we have always had an operational challenge with the management of our respective store scheduling” -read more-
    ~ Mark Allgood, Director of Pharmacy Systems and Process Redesign
  • “In fact, S360 is the most comprehensive, flexible and adaptable scheduling solution available. That flexibility is what made this tool the right choice for NES Health where no two Emergency Departments are alike. S360 allows us to configure the tool to the unique needs of each individual site.” -read more-
    ~ Jennifer Moore, Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer

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