We have designed the best Employee Scheduling Software with unlimited scalability. Configured to fit your exact needs, Schedule360 provides your team or unit with the scheduling features they need. Our award-winning scheduling software is loaded with features to help you simplify your scheduling tasks, and because we configure each and every application of our software, you can choose the features you want, and eliminate those you don’t.

Healthcare Scheduling Software – Solution Overview

Employee Scheduling For Healthcare Teams

We are not a one and done scheduling software. Unlike “one size fits all” scheduling software solutions, we are constantly receiving feedback from our schedulers and managers about features they need to make their scheduling process easier.

Customer Support, When You Need It

After your initial onboarding, Schedule360’s ongoing customer support is included. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you utilize Schedule360 in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Whether you have a dozen employees or thousands, Schedule360 delivers affordable scheduling software that feels like it was specifically developed for your healthcare organization.

Manually Scheduling Your Staff is Inefficient

Manually scheduling your staff can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re managing staff with different credentials at several locations. We aren’t just scheduling experts, we’re workforce management experts, too. Our software can help you keep track of the continuing education needs of your staff, what credentials they have, and how many hours they should be working.

Our web-based scheduling software is accessible 24/7 from any device. No more calls from employees asking for their work schedule. Schedule360 is always updated to the latest schedule.

When changes to the schedule need to happen, they can be instantly rolled out for everyone to see.

Developed by Employee Scheduling Experts

Schedule360 has been developed by scheduling experts who are exclusively focused on helping you simplify scheduling, reduce labor costs, and give you and your team transparency over your scheduling. We have worked for more than a decade and listened to our valued customers to enhance Schedule360’s applications and make them the most robust, easy-to-use, and flexible employee scheduling solutions available.

Our applications use the latest web and mobile technologies to keep you on the leading edge of scheduling technology. We know scheduling, and we know your business.

Outstanding 24/7 Customer Support

Schedule360 includes free setup, online training, and the industry’s best customer support, all in one affordable price per user. We assign a dedicated Schedule360 representative who works with you to understand your unique scheduling needs, provides expert consultation, and manages your setup with our IT, training, and administrative teams. We prominently display our toll-free number because our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Favorite Features Based on Customer Feedback

We are constantly updating our features to suit the needs of our customers, and we value their feedback tremendously. It’s how we know what our customers like about our software, and what areas we have room to improve on. Here are a few features that our current customers are wondering how they ever lived without before implementing Schedule360 in their business:

  • Rule-Based Self Scheduling
  • Employee Shift Post & Exchange
  • Available Shift Dispatching: Broadcast Shift Dispatching
  • Messaging with Timestamps
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Payroll Compiling
  • Employee Preferences and Time Off
  • Employee Survey Tool
  • License and Credential Tracking
  • Class Scheduling
  • Auto Scheduler
  • Set Schedule Templates
  • Web-Based Punch In/Punch Out Time and Attendance
  • Productivity Modules
  • Float Pool Management
  • Overtime Alerts

Healthcare Scheduling Software for a Variety of Healthcare Organizations

Schedule360’s award-winning nurse scheduling software is just one of our healthcare scheduling offerings.

For healthcare scheduling software we offer:

  • Nurse Scheduling Software
  • Physician Scheduling Software
  • Pharmacy Scheduling Software
  • Urgent Care Employee Scheduling Software
  • Specialty Clinic Employee Scheduling Software
  • Hospitalist Scheduling Software
  • Hospital Scheduling Software
  • Medical Staff Scheduling Software

We also offer scheduling solutions for non-medical staff:

  • Government
  • Call Center
  • On-Demand Scheduling

We tailor our scheduling software to our clients. We are not an out-of-the-box, one size fits all scheduling software. We expertly help our clients across a wide variety of industries, schedule their employees so that scheduling their employees is no longer a headache.

Customized Demo

We view scheduling as a unique task. It’s as unique as your business. That’s why we pride ourselves on the ability to customize a scheduling solution that fits your needs. We know you’ll love our software, and we know it can make your job as a staff scheduler so much easier. We’ll put together a customized demo for you so you can see just how invaluable implementing Schedule360 can be for your company’s bottom line. We can save you money by optimizing your current staff, reducing the number of overtime hours, and reducing the amount of time schedulers need to create the schedule.

See the Schedule360 difference for yourself and schedule a customized demo today!