A Scheduling Solution to Maximize Value-Based Care

July 24, 2020

Infographic showing value based care.

While value-based care is a concept most nurses and healthcare administrators understand well, it’s still a relatively new concept for most healthcare providers and many are still trying to figure out how to implement the appropriate systems into their workflow.

How can scheduling software like Schedule360 help?

Balancing Shift Staffing Levels

Scheduling software assists nursing leaders by matching demand for care to the clinical labor supply, taking each patients’ level of care intensity to quickly determine total workload levels, confirm staffing levels, and generate fair shifts for review and approval.

The implementation of scheduling software provides healthcare administration with a complete and comprehensive clinical picture. Nursing leaders can leverage valuable patient data that is already available from previous orders, test diagnoses, and other clinical documentation to determine patient needs more quickly, accurately, and effectively. This data also ensures a balance in every shift by matching the demand with only those staff who are qualified to fill the shift.

Accurate Forecasting of Upcoming Shift Demand

Scheduling software provides accurate forecasting of upcoming shift demands to decrease last minute overtime requests. Scheduling software can uncover weekly, daily, and shift level patterns in patient flow through certain units, so providers can more easily forecast demand. Scheduling managers can get the information they need to match nursing resources to the actual patient flow, improving the quality of care, while giving staff more predictability with their own work schedules.

Less Dependency on Agency Staffing

Outdated, manual scheduling processes lead to gaps in the schedule, resulting in costly overtime and expensive agency spending in order to fill those shifts. With scheduling software, you will have less dependency on agency staffing by utilizing and optimizing the resources you already have available to you. This is in part made possible by being able to get a view of the big picture in real-time. This allows you to fill in those schedule gaps with your own staff members whenever possible. While this might not eliminate your need for agency staffing altogether, it should create a reduction in spending, or at the very least-less dependency.

High-value health care is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered so your scheduling software should support just that.


With healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360, healthcare organizations are better able to:

· Automate, streamline, and standardize the care transition process to reduce time spent on labor intensive tasks.

· Improve the lines of communication effectively and securely between staff, patients, providers, and administration.

· Utilize historical data to analyze and predict the best patient experience and outcomes.

· Monitor operational efficiencies, as well as track and monitor compliance against organizational procedures and goals.

· Improve and elevate performance based on quality outcomes.

With the arrival of value-based care, there is a great need for sophisticated tools with the ability to connect seamlessly with other systems to allow the electronic documentation, analysis, and data sharing that adheres to strict, regulatory compliance standards, ensuring that only the most cost-effective and high quality patient care is being provided.

Healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360 ensures:

Adherence to Regulatory Requirements

Ensures total compliance by ensuring that adherence to regulatory requirements are always being met.

Provision of Appropriate Care

Schedule360’s software solution ensures that appropriate care is always occurring by documenting that staff members received balanced and fair shifts and patients were equally cared for by qualified personnel.

Improved Staff Morale and Patient Satisfaction

Thanks to the many tools available in Schedule360’s scheduling software solution, patients receive a much higher quality of care from a clinical staff that is organized and operating in the most effective and efficient manner possible; giving both staff and patients an improved sense of morale and satisfaction. If you’re ready to see how Schedule360 can change the way you schedule, contact us for a configured demo of our scheduling software solution.

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