7 Ways API Integration in Staff Scheduling Creates Efficiency

October 28, 2020

API integration in staff scheduling software creates efficiency, making it an ideal workforce management platform for your organization for several reasons.

Businessman working on a laptop with a program that has API integration.

What is API integration?

API integration (API stands for Application Programming Interface) is the seamless connectivity that allows organizations to automate business processes by enhancing the sharing and embedding of data between the various applications and systems. In simple terms, API’s are what allow different computer programs the ability to “talk” to each other. Leveraging this connectivity within your scheduling software creates efficiency in a number of ways.

1. Connect Web-Based Applications to Work Together

There are hundreds, if not thousands of web-based applications on the market today. However, when it comes to communicating with cloud apps, API’s are the best choice, and have become somewhat of an industry standard. The majority of legacy integration technology, such as enterprise service buses, or ESBs, were designed in the on-premise era and have a difficult time supporting the modern API connectivity beyond the firewall. Since the majority of apps have shifted to the cloud, it doesn’t make much sense to house the platform that connects all of these clouds behind the firewall. Therefore, an API integration platform hosted in the cloud is necessary to connect modern cloud API’s to work together.

2. Enhance Performance of Existing System

API integrations enable your organization to piece your most vital applications together into a platform customized to meet your most critical scheduling needs. This way you can enjoy the benefits of Schedule360’s robust software while exchanging data with the systems you are already using. With API integration, there’s no need to totally overhaul your entire workforce management system, but rather enhance it by adding Schedule360 to the applications you are already using and enjoy.

3. Implement New APIs Quickly

In the past, when you needed an API there were only two options: use the available API’s from your service provider or build your own from scratch. Neither option was ideal as they were restrictive and time consuming. An API integration platform allows quick and easy creation of a new API from an existing integration.

4. Improve Efficiency

By readily being able to integrate with other systems, Schedule360 not only saves you time, but also simplifies the entire process, greatly improving efficiency. We already integrate with leading payroll and HR systems, and if the perfect API doesn’t exist for your unique processes, we’ll create one for you.

5. Keeps Legacy Data Accessible and Integratable

When data becomes more than a year old, or even just a few months old in some cases, it winds up on a database somewhere, remaining dormant or “collecting dust”. One of the reasons older data remains underutilized is because it’s difficult to access and integrate into newer systems.

API integration platforms are extremely helpful in this situation. With Schedule360, you have the option to create unique API’s for internal use only. This enables your administration to more easily extract data from old servers and databases, while also utilizing or reusing business logic and workflows that are already tried and true to your workforce, and still working great for your processes.

6. Automates Tasks Between Linked Applications

Manual efforts, like clicking between different applications, never seem to take up much time, but they add up. Integrations can automate these manual tasks to create a smooth, effortless transition between connected applications.

7. Ability to Customize

One size does not fit all. By integrating your application with a third-party platform, you can gain deeper insights about the users and how they interact with the application, and use that information to improve their experience with unique processes.

Thanks to the use of API integrations by Schedule360, you can ditch the time-consuming manual labor by quickly and efficiently transferring data between the multiple software applications that might have otherwise required manual input, saving you loads of time and stress. With Schedule360 you can work smarter, not harder. Contact us today for a customized demo to learn more about how integrating your APIs with our robust software can make a huge difference in how you manage your workforce.