5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Nurse Scheduling Software

June 19, 2019

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Nurse Scheduling Software

Are all automated scheduling software programs the same? That may be one of the first questions you’ll ask when considering which nurse scheduling software package to implement into your new and improved scheduling strategies. The truth is, not every program is the same.

There are differences between systems which, on the surface, might go unnoticed. You don’t want to fall into a trap of investing time, talents, and resources into a program that isn’t the right fit for your unit’s needs. The way to avoid a wrong investment is to first ask a few strategic questions to ensure that you select the right system with the confidence of a long-term pay off.

Before sitting down with a sales rep or customer service specialist, here are a few questions to get definitive answers to BEFORE you sign any contracts. With a little research, you’ll be able to find the right scheduling software customized to fit your needs, interests, and demographics quite easily.

1. Is This Nurse Scheduling Software Customizable for My Facility’s Needs, or is it a One-Size-Fits-All Product?

When purchasing any scheduling software for your facility, it’s important to find something that works well for you because it’s set up for you. Your scheduling needs will look different from the needs of a facility half your size, and certainly different than the needs of a facility three times your size. There are also different scheduling strategies used between departments within the same facility, too. If your needs are different, why should your price be the same?

With Schedule360 online scheduling software, your program will be customized to fit the number of employees you have along with the number of facilities you have to utilize the online software in. As a scheduling manager, you’ll be able to set guidelines for employee scheduling to fit your needs and even decide how much or how little freedom you’d like to give your nursing staff regarding their schedules.

2. How Much Money Does Nurse Scheduling Software Cost? How Will I Know if it is Worth My Money?

Because Schedule360 online scheduling software is completely customizable to the unique characteristics of your healthcare facility, the mystery of what the system will cost is eliminated. We charge a low cost per employee per month rate with no hidden fees. The total costs will be based on the number of employees accessing the software for scheduling.

Many systems charge additional fees beyond the initial up-front amount due at the time of purchase. With Schedule360, your per month fees include quick-response support. Maintenance is on-going, technical support is necessary from time to time, and the initial setup and training must take place. Be sure to ask the companies that you’re considering about these extras and determine if there are any “hidden fees” in addition to those up-front costs to take into consideration.

With Schedule360 there are no hidden fees or added costs. We get you completely set up and running within the first live month and will see an ROI before your first invoice.

3. How Hard Will it be for My Nurses and Team Members to Learn How to Use the Software?

Schedule360 scheduling software is intuitive and does not require much training for your nurses. The training tutorial for staff is only about 6-10 minutes. When you configure the app with their requirements and rules, it makes training your team very efficient. Implementation moves quickly; from the initial software configuration to the moment you Go Live, our representatives walk you through every step of the process to guarantee success. Support and additional training is always available for your Staff and Management at any time after launch.

4. How Easily Can the Software be Accessed by Our Nurses?

One of the greatest benefits of Schedule360 online scheduling software is that it is accessible from any mobile device. This is a huge benefit, as most nurses manage their schedules entirely from their phone. With Schedule360, they can pick up shifts, trade shifts, see their schedules, department schedules, receive real time alerts for shift needs, and much more.

As a secure, cloud-based application, your employees will be able to view their schedules, message boards, and shift calendars from their cell phones, tablets, or computers. The program is compatible with both PC and MAC computers as well as Android and iOS devices. Your nurses will have real-time access to any and all information regarding their schedules 24/7, allowing for increased employee accountability regarding scheduling and shift changes.

5. How Will My Job Be Easier Because of Automated Scheduling?

The role of a nurse scheduling manager is never an easy one. Trying to fill every shift while also accommodating your staff’s personal scheduling requests can be extremely challenging, and in most cases, someone isn’t happy about the way the schedule turns out. Automated scheduling eliminates the hassle of endless phone calls and the struggle to determine which nurses should be asked to work those unfilled shifts.

Schedule360 allows for greater nurse involvement in shift swaps, volunteering for additional open shifts, and communication with team members. Schedule360 also allows scheduling managers to easily view which nurses are qualified and available to fill open shifts quickly and easily, and minimizes unnecessary overtime shifts whenever possible. The task of scheduling can now be completed with greater ease -and fewer headaches- with the help of automated scheduling. It’s a win-win for everybody!

The countless benefits of Schedule360 online scheduling are changing the way that nurse schedulers do their jobs. Automated scheduling software is the fasted, most effective way to place the right nurses on the right shifts, at the right times. With easy access from anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can finally enjoy building that next schedule.

Contact us today to learn more about how automated scheduling with Schedule360 can save you time and money. We can customize a demo for your facility so you can see for yourself just how Schedule360 can automate your worst headache.