10 Things to Consider When Evaluating an Employee Management Software Solution

November 27, 2019

10 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Scheduling Application

When traditional scheduling methods aren’t cutting it anymore, and you’re spending far too much time and resources on scheduling issues, you know it’s time for a major overhaul. It’s obvious you need a solution. Consider online employee scheduling software. And maybe you’ve already been thinking about it but have no idea how to choose the right one for your business.

Here are 10 common questions and answers to help you better understand Schedule360’s workforce management software, and determine whether or not we are the right choice for you and your business:

  • Is the application truly capable of fixing labor problems both today and in the future?

Yes, we configure your workforce management software with the features you need like messaging, urgent or hot shift communications, credential tracking, overtime tracking, payroll, rules based self-scheduling software, and more.

  • Will the application greatly improve employee satisfaction with regards to staffing and scheduling?

Absolutely! Schedule360’s workforce management software allows you to proactively manage schedules, optimize shifts, record scheduling preferences, or empower employees with a sense of independence with rules based self-scheduling.

  • Will the application be viewed by the employees and management as a significant retention and recruitment tool?

Yes! When employees are actively engaged in the scheduling process, they are much more likely to stay because they are able to achieve a more positive, work-life balance, leading to higher satisfaction. Empowering your staff with a little bit of control over their own schedules is invaluable.

  • Will management have the tools and information available at their fingertips 24/7 for retrospective labor analysis and prospective decisions?

Yes! Schedule360 includes training with a representative, along with the industry’s best ongoing customer support. We assign a designated representative to work with your management team to understand their specific scheduling needs, as well as providing them expert consultation, training, and support.

  • Does the application save time for management and employees by eliminating reoccurring staffing and scheduling tasks?

Absolutely! A dramatic reduction of time spent on scheduling is one of the biggest benefits to come from the implementation of workforce management software. This is by far the quickest angle to your ROI. Freeing up time on the schedulers schedule will allow them more time to focus on more important tasks.

  • Is it simple and quick to deploy, intuitive, and easy to use and support?

Yes! Our goal is to simplify your scheduling process, not make it more complicated. We offer comprehensive setup, training, and ongoing support. You and your staff can also contact our customer support 24/7.

  • Does it provide a proven methodology for reducing labor costs related to overtime and supplemental agency utilization? Can these savings be readily tracked and measured?

Schedule360 clients have well documented ROI results showing reduction in supplemental spending, paid FTE hours for scheduling management, and overtime. This is by far the quickest way to seeing that ROI.

  • Is communication enhanced with employees, management, and across the organization through the use of this application?

Communication is most definitely enhanced and improved among management and employees. Schedule360 uses the latest collaborative messaging technologies, including the Web, mobile apps, text messaging, and email to empower proactive scheduling and improve communication. With 24/7 access, employees can easily see their schedule in real-time, including any last-minute changes. Management can rest easy since each message is time-stamped so they know their messages are being received, and more importantly, read.

  • What is the total cost-of-ownership short and long term?

Schedule360 pricing is extremely affordable and calculated by the number of employees and facilities, offering yearly contracts with various payment options. In addition, free setup, training, and ongoing support are included with your contract. Schedule360 offers a 30-day guarantee and there are never any hidden fees to worry about.

  • Does the vendor provide the expertise, innovation, and commitment to our organization?

Absolutely! We are not a one and done organization which is why we don’t offer a “one size fits all” because it’s all about configuring our software to fit your specific needs. There are some available features you may never need, some you need now but not later, some you may need later that you don’t need now, and someday you may be wishing we had a feature to better suit your unique needs. We value the feedback from our clients and are always adding new features based on those “wish-list” items we hear about in that feedback.

Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself. Schedule a customized demo for your company to learn just how Schedule360 can create the best online employee scheduling software to fit your unique scheduling needs now and in the future.